Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Raku Students

Today, I met my Raku students for lunch to talk about our Raku class, what we did right, where we could improve and what our goals are for the Spring class. We had a lot of fun, and Ronni, we missed you! I took them all a small gift and here's what they brought:
Kristen gave all of us a pendant that she fired in the last firing we had, look at the beautiful red she got from Soldner's Copper Red glaze, I only get blue from this glaze, the pendants are really beautiful and so "Christmasy"
Charlotte baked cookies for all of us. We opened one of the platters in the restaurant and had dessert, I'm sure the restaurant appreciated our BYOD.
and she gave us the cutest tool caddy, I can't wait to stick all of my class tools in this, I have been using an old wooden box!
Here are a couple of photos from our last class, aren't these the most adorable women!!!! Kristen above and Ronni below, Charlotte was the photographer and I think Bridget was inside having some of the wonderful bean soup that Charlotte brought. What an amazing group, we had soooo much fun and I am looking forward to Spring when we can fire again, in my sort of new OLYMPIC kiln, that I like very much :) and what a great kiln for Raku firing!

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ang said...

looks like a super group!!