Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coiling day two

I finished up the coil pot I started yesterday. As with the other coil pots I have made, this one got a bit out of hand. they just seem to grow and grow. I have got to figure out how to have a shape in mind before I start instead of half way through!
I decided I didn't like where this one was going so I turned it upside down and added a rim to the bottom.
then I made a lid

added a piece of bamboo that was laying around in my studio and TA DA!
It weighs 7 lbs. finished. I cannot, no way, no how throw a 7 lb vase this tall.
this is a 3 lb vase I threw while coils dried. Now to burnish and add terra sig, day three tomorrow.
Oh and a certain someone in my house got a certain cup in the mail from a certain potter! I'll post more later about this, but let's just say Gerry was very surprised and happy with the package!


createniks said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Hollis Engley said...

That's going to be a lovely jar, Tracey. And a big 'un, too.

ang said...

lovely stuff trace!! said...

Thanks ya'll. It is a big 'un Hollis but not an orb like I had planned:)
I may have exceeded the height limit for my raku kiln. I was planning for it to be sawdust fired, but I think my green raku glaze would be soooo great.

cindy shake said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Did you decide to flip your jar AFTER reading Ang's Blog post?!!

Laura said...