Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting focused.......

Yet another mug design, I really like this one. A simple blank canvas, now what to do with it!
This week I worked on some designs that I like and like making. Last year I was all over the place testing glazes, shapes, firing temperatures and finding shows that I liked doing. This year I am going to edit what I make and make more of just a few things instead of making four or five of something and then moving to something else. I have a good idea of what sells now but I am not making something just because I think it will sell, I'm making it because I enjoy making it!

This is a keeper, I really like the shape of this mug. The taller ones from yesterday got bashed up into a bucket for recycling. They were too tall and pretty heavy. They need a little work.
Definitely batter bowls
I made some of these cups today, yes!
New bowls with my round disc rib, what a difference with the curve of the inside of the bowl. Really nice!
I have also been all over the place with signing my stuff, sometimes I do sometimes I don't, I'm going to try and be better with that, at least putting some initials on for those who turn the pot over and go, why don't you sign these?
Just for fun......... I made this pendant the other day, I have had this sketched out to do for awhile and never got to it
and some rattles for the kids at the Farmer's Market and Shakori this year. These will be so nice with Raku glaze. So that's all for now. I have to decide if I am going to put a low fire glaze on this stuff or go for ^6. It's Raku clay so I can go either way. I stayed with the white Raku clay to see if I like it for low fire or if I need to go back to red clay. It's just a pain in the ass to switch back and forth in the studio between red and white, and I put white slip on the red clay anyway, so if I can be happy with the white clay it will be better. Although.......that Earthen Red clay is calling to me. I LOVE the way if feels and it throws so beautifully. We'll see. Gay Hudson and I have a little plan for that red clay too!


cookingwithgas said...

I like that round mug- I have one in that shape that I love for tea.
And after seeing 3 days of mugs I should know a good mug!
Like the rattle idea- the heads should love those!
Rock and Roll! said...

Yeah, Wesley said I gotta come up with something besides bongs and pipes
for Shakori!

Judy Shreve said...

Your work is looking great! I too love the round mug -- so inviting. Can't wait to see these glazed.

ang said...

nice mugs shapes trace, and lovely foot ring on the bowl very light touch indeed TB..

Linda Starr said...

Great work, I sometimes forget to sign my pieces too especially if it is a piece that needs to dry before I can pick it up and then later it sometimes is too late unless I remember to use one of those pencils that don't burn off, but with dark clay it doesn't show up.