Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Day

My mom used to say be careful what you did on New Year's Day because that would be what you would do the rest of the year. I hope that's true because we had a great time yesterday. We spent the afternoon at my good friend Laura Farrow's house for her annual New Year's Day pot luck. There was good food, good music and best of all great friends to visit with. Who could ask for more. Here are my best buddies Laura and Susan. These are two of the fiercest women I know! I am so lucky to have them for friends.They are such an inspiration for me!! Laura is an amazing painter/potter, and Susan is an equally great potter and mom. And their spouses just r.o.c.k.!
(sorry ya'll for the grainy pictures, it was a bit dark yesterday)
There was lots of yummy chili and cornbread, and some of the best greens I have ever had. Susan brought a wonderful Shepard's Pie, and lots of other great food was there as well. I am so tired of preparing food, I cheated. I went to Trader Joe's and got their assorted flavors of cheesecake. It is amazing!
Here are me and Gerry with Susan's kids, Jonas and Jolene. I just love these kids. If there was a nuclear attack tomorrow, these would be the two you would want around helping out! They are two of the most self sufficient kids I have ever met. They are adorable and very special to us! and they're tall ! I feel like I am shrinking as I get older, everyone around me is taller than me now.
and Jeff Martin was with us in spirit. I read on his blog yesterday that he isn't doing this wonderful scraffito anymore, so sad to hear that, I love his work! but I think there are more great things to come from him, just wait!


Matt Grimmitt said...

Tracey you rock, here's wishing you a great year! said...

awwwww, Matt! You rock too! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

wow... what a feast! looks like a ton of fun and i think i spy a carolina pale ale? never had that one said...

Carolina Pale Ale! Yummmmmmm! Jim, you ARE a beer man aren't you!