Sunday, January 31, 2010


This is the road in front of our house. We have talked about what a good road it would be for sledding since we moved here five years ago. Finally got a snow worthy of trying it out. Gerry and Wes went sledding yesterday while I made cookies and soup. I grew up on the beach remember? I don't do cold! I took Hollis' advise and started a series of coil pots last night, these are going to be orb-ish I think. At least that's where they are going right now. When I make coil pots they tend to get a life of their own and I just go along with it. I dropped off the Raku sculpture and the large coil jar at the Artscenter on Friday and actually brought myself to put a price on them. It's so hard to part with freshly made pots. . Anyone got a box made yet?! Let's see them!!!


cookingwithgas said...

That looks like fun, but I am with you I would rather stay inside.
We watched the Good Wife and other junk on the Tv thingy.
We wenet out and I found it too cold for my taste.
Yesterday was a soup day for sure.
and cookies...... we did not make any. We had our share at Christmas.
Looking forward to more pots.
Pray for spring!

Hollis Engley said...

That's great that you guys still have a kid who will go sledding with her dad. They grow up and go away, so you have to take all those opportunities. It's glaze-measuring day here at the studio. Keeping to the food theme: We have a good chicken/spinach/chickpea soup left from two nights ago, and a batch of venison stew we brought home with us from dinner at friends' house last night. No cooking for Hollis today.
Keep coiling, Tracey.

jbf said...

It looks like you had GREAT sledding conditions. I'm from NJ (34 years ago!) and we LIVED on/for our sleds during a snow, and Flexible Flyers were the sleds to have.

BTW, half the fun of getting cold is coming inside to warm up with hot chocolate or soup. Enjoy it all.

cindy shake said...

GREAT pictures! I LOVE your doggie!! One of the best sleds we ever had was a Boogie Board we actually bought in Hawaii and because it was so expensive we couldn't part with it and brought it home to Alaska -everyone always fought over who got the Boogie Board for sledding!

ang said...

not yet trace but i will this week, no work in yet so i'll have the time...