Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gerry from the floor

Wow, what a night. One of the most memorable of my career I would say. I'm glad for all the Topix. I swear I had one of the best shooting positions in the house. Mark Baker had the best. Too bad about the Georgia Luge athlete. Did you see the video? It was horrible. That was going down when I walked into the bureau this morning. Awful. It was a magical moment when they played Adagio for Strings. Made my skin crawl. I had to just stop shooting and watch for a moment and take it all in.
All the editors seemed happy. Oh well, you're only as good as your last photo.
Tomorrow's another day.
I will try to get you a toboggan. It might have to be your Valentines. Sorry if I don't get a card or candy to ya'll, but I'll try to make up for it somehow. Here's a snap for your blog. Love my white painters suit? Sweated my ass off. Nice shooting position huh?
Love ya'll, thanks for all the great support. I'm freakin tired.


cindy shake said...

GREAT shots and a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing :o) so sad about the Luger... Sadly viewing attendance will probably be up now. Hey, Tracey send us and BC some of that snow!!!

cookingwithgas said...

Nice tracey- and we keep getting side tracked over to see what he has been shooting.
He has some great shots!

Let's send Cindy our snow!

Tracey Brome said...

Yes,Cindy please take this snow! Gerry is getting to shoot news and sports so he is a happy boy. He just sent an email to say that he was photographing Joe Biden and the Prime Minister of Canada and earlier today went to the site of the protesters. Just like the good old newspaper days!

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Awesome photos. What a fantastic opportunity.

FetishGhost said...


Jen Mecca said...

That's a great Valentine's note I'd say. You can tell Gerry will loves you both and appreciates your support. Very cool sharing that with us.

Chizzy Peace said...

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