Saturday, February 6, 2010


Gerry is already kickin' ass in Vancouver. If you go here
and enter Gerry Broome Vancouver in the search box you can see some images he has shot. Sorry I can't post any of the images here but AP doesn't allow it, hopefully he will send me some that aren't published and I can put some up.
This is a photo of the Randolph Tech photo class early 1980's in Asheboro, NC. Gerry is the one on the right end near the tire rims. They were all there photographing the one and only Richard Petty. Boy, he's come a long way since those college days! That's exactly what he looked like the first time I saw him, and I told my friends right then that I was going to marry him. Didn't have a clue who he was. We will celebrate our 25th anniversary this coming June. Wow!


Trish said...

Hi Tracey...I did go to the AP site..yeah! Gerry has been snapping away..great pictures--shots that are not the 'regular' media pics. I like that and will definately keep checking out the site. Twentyfive years..good for you two..don't will hit thirtyfive in no time (that's me this year!!) Congrats.. T.

Hollis Engley said...

I remember hanging around with a couple of Nikons bouncing on my chest. It was cleaner than making pots.I'll check the site. We were looking for good Olympic venue pics the other day and didn't come up with any other than Vancouver PR stuff. Twenty-five is a good, long time, Tracey. Congratulations. We'll hit 40 this year.

Tracey Brome said...

Here is an email from Ger:
That's a funny pix. I would never have imaged then that I'd shoot war,
Olympics, final fours (4 or 5 I think), superbowl, World Aquatics Championships, Katrina,...
About half the people in that photo still do this: Tim Dominick and Randy Hill, Candace Munday, Mark Phillips. Been 30 years. Quite a ride.
I'll try to send more pics if possible. Very busy as you can imagine and the games haven't even started. Might go shoot Apolo Anton Ohno tomorrow. I wanna see Shaun White! He's my new hero. Found a nice brew pub with some good Belgian white!

Love ya'll


Tracey Brome said...

Wow Trish and Hollis! 35 and 40 years of marriage! 25 for me, don't see any reason to stop now! The AP site has some great Olympic shots, just keep checking by there, they have some of the best photographers in the world shooting this thing!

cookingwithgas said...

I like the cat on the head shot!
I thought what is that!?
Great fun and great pics.
25 years is nothing to take lightly.
You are a good match with one beauty of a child.
Here is to many more.
I think our number is 38-where does the time go?

Anonymous said...

great photos! i like the cat on the head shot too and the one with the kid playing on the sculpture and katerina is still looking good too. great old pic too... boy, photography has come a long way since then in some ways.