Sunday, March 14, 2010

Did you miss me?!

I'm home from a crazy week at the ACC tournament, I have lots of fun pictures and we had a great time. The best thing that happened was that Wesley shot some great pics of the ESPN girl, Erin Andrews, (remember the creep that shot film of her in her hotel room?) and the editor put her pics on the wire. Wesley now has photo credits with the AP. What 16 year old do you know that can say that!!! You can see some photos from the tournament including Wesley's pics on this Georgia Tech blog. I think they did a nice job:

right now I'm tired and going to bed, will get some photos up tomorrow and tell you how great the photographers in NC are :)

Monday PS: I googled Wesley Broome Erin Andrews this morning and everyone has picked up Wesley's photos, YAY!


ang said... pics wes, i like the first one! nice pout..

Anonymous said...

what a multi-talented girl that wes is... great photos. seems she's a chip off both the ol' blocks

Tracey Broome said...

I loved the shots that Wes got. Jim, she is way more talented that me or her dad! Isn't it fun watching little girls grow up!