Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekend Plans

First of all, I have to tell you that I got a note in the mail today saying that my application to be a vendor at Shakori Hills Music Festival was accepted. YAY! and then OH NO! I don't have near enough stuff made for a four day music festival and I don't have a clue how to even survive as a vendor for four days with a bunch of stoned hippies at a music festival like this one! Those of you that have done Shakori, I will take on any and all suggestions if you are willing to share your knowledge! The BEST part of this is: if you go here-
you will see that Bella Fleck is the headliner and seven names down from Bella Fleck is COLE PARK!!!!! MY baby is on the same billing as Bella Fleck, does it get any better? The weekend of Shakori, Wesley turns 17 and her band has been asked to play there. Should be an amazing birthday weekend for her don't you think?
I just thought I would show you this scale I picked up last week at a local antique store. It is an old postal scale and weighs up to 25 lbs. just the weight of my bags of clay, how convenient.
So this weekend, I am cleaning my very messy studio and getting ready to get down to serious business of making pottery. I stopped by the NC Craft Gallery today and she has sold everything I have brought in, so I need to get her some more things and get some inventory going.
The balls are getting bigger......
and my studio is getting smaller. The bigger the pieces I make the less space I have. This top shelf will hold several long boards of cups and bowls but only two 12 lb. vases. This space makes me crazy, there is absolutely no room to work here and it's still too cold to move outside.
mess, mess, mess, everywhere!
So I'm going in there Saturday morning and not coming out until there is a clean place to work!!


Judy Shreve said...

Woohoo! What a great way to spend Wesley's birthday! And looks like you have been inspired -- clean studio & lots of new work coming - has to feel good!

Hollis Engley said...

Some day Fleck will say he remembers being on the same bill with Cole Park. Lucky Bela. He's an amazing musician, but of course so is Wes.

Linda Starr said...

congrats to Wes with Bela Fleck wow; try storing some stuff in your house closets or upper kitchen cabinets, that's what I'm doing in my RV and they dry real slow in there, works pretty good. At my last house I had some stuff stored in my hall closet and some under the beds and forgot I even made it, te he. congrats on the show. Will Wes be there to give you a break? That would be the thing I'd worry about and four days you might need a lot of work.

Tracey Brome said...

Hey Judy, yessss, woohoo! Hollis I passed this on to Wes, big smile. Linda, every nook and cranny in this house is packed with stuff, we moved from a 3000 sq. ft house to a 1900 sq ft and we are just jammed in here! I'm afraid if I put things away like you I would never remember them! Wes is offering to give me a break and Gerry is taking vacation time to come and hang out and there will be lots of friends around. No worries on getting a break.

Trish said...

Hi Tracey...hahah. we should have a 'who can get their studio clean and work started' first competition!! No, wait, I hate I concede! lol..yes, I can relate, my space is a mess too and I feel overwhelmed. Like I said in a recent post, I have waaayy too much stuff, tools, chemicals for glazes that I just will not use... I AM going to put together some 'starter' kits for some people who want them. and maybe continue with my clean up tomorrow (I have been away for two days and just home.....procrastination is my second name!)..
The music fest sounds fabulous!
good luck with the clean up..
Cheers T.

ang said...

excellent news on selling all your work, thats half the job really the other half is making stuff you love...brilliant trace..and go wes noice one!!
i'm putting a vid together from womadadelaide i went last night and we may have got the best of the weather anyhoo i digress i just meant to say all hippied out for a while now!! said...

sweet! excited to see your work at shakori...bring lots, the hippies turned into yuppies and like to buy;)

Anonymous said...

congrats and i know that feeling of yahoo and then quickly, uhoh. it is totally awesome that wes is sharing a billing with bela fleck... unbelievable! love bela, lots of time here in louisville back in the new grass days

cindy shake said...

Love Bela- Lucky you AND Wesley!! Get goin' girl, get that studio cleaned and start crankin' out the production -CHA-CHING time to sell those affluent artsy hippies some awesome Tracey-ware!! GOTTA FUND THE PARTY!

cookingwithgas said...

I once drove 5 hours to hear Bela play.
I might have to look it up and see if we can get there..
I hope they come with$$$ in their pockets.
And tell Wes- you go girl!