Friday, April 30, 2010

Another festival weekend

I will be at the Haw River Festival this weekend, this is truly the life. Hanging out, listening to great music, eating good food, seeing good friends and actually selling some pottery while I'm at it. There is an art sale at Southern Village this weekend as well and some of my very talented potter friends will be there, but the booth fee was ridiculous for me and the Haw River is much more my style. Good luck to those that will be at Southern Village! Here is a shot of Wesley and new bass player Daniel at Shakori last Thursday. I may or may not have time for blogging this weekend, if not everyone have a good one and I will check in as soon as I can.
BTW, thanks to Peter and Linda for the Creative Blogger and Silver Lining awards. I haven't had time to address that but I certainly appreciate your vote of confidence! I am supposed to nominate others for this, but that is a hard task and as a Libra I can't make choices so I may just have to say that I think all of you that I blog with deserve awards, stars, kudos, all of it!


cookingwithgas said...

sounds like some fun-enjoy!
great pots from the students.
Check in with you next week.

Jen Mecca said...

Sounds like your having a blast. I hope your little Rock Star makes it to the big time. Your a great Mom for all your support!
( ps...hope you get into the vase book!)