Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shakori check in

Hi all:
Just a little check in from Shakori. I left Gerry and Wesley out there last night and came home for a little sleep and a shower. No sleep to be had there until 2-3am when the music finally stops, so I really needed a little break. Thursday and Friday had great weather, nice and cool, some sun. I sold one piece on Thursday and a few pieces on Friday and everyone told me how beautiful my things were and how I was going to do "really well" and blah, blah blah. I wasn't too upset about the low sales because I came there not having a clue what a festival crowd would buy and not willing to lower my prices for it. I am sure if I had lowered my prices I would have sold more. The 5 and 10 crowd are out there for sure, but I have quit making a lot of that price point. Most of the vendors had pretty slow sales as well the first two days.
Saturday brought rain and lots more sales strangely enough. Business was steady all day but again the lower priced items moved. Today it is likely to rain all day so who knows what will happen with sales. I have been having a blast though. I met some really great people, heard wonderful bands all day and night for three days, had some of the best Chai I have ever had.
Today is Wesley's 17th birthday and we will celebrate all day with good food and music and lots of our friends are out there so all is well, even if sales are slow. I expected that. I have some fun photos for tomorrow so check back. I'm off to shower and head back out to open my tent up. See ya!


Judy Shreve said...

Happy Birthday to Wesley!! What a great way to spend your birthday.
Hope your sales pickup today.

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

I hope your Sunday sales are better. I've noticed most of my etsy sales lately have been my lowest priced items. Everyone is just pinched.
Oh.. and Happy Birthday Wesley :)

cindy shake said...

Happy Birthday to your GIRL!!! Great way to spend a birthday -hope the sales rock a bit more today...

Laura said...

thanks for entertaining Bob all weekend. he enjoyed hanging out with you and Gerry. xo