Monday, April 26, 2010

Wesley's weekend

I can't believe I have a 17 year old kid! I feel like a 17 year old kid! I love this picture I shot early Saturday morning, what a beautiful child I have :)
We had a little rain but not enough to stop the fun
The coffee barn is a good place for early morning chai and 2am hot chocolate. I like hanging out here more than any other place at Shakori. There is always a group of musicians gathered around playing fiddle, banjo, guitar and/or singing. I sat here at the porch early Friday morning when most everyone else was still sleeping and listened to a guitar playing in the background and felt truly blessed to have such a great life.

Here is the Jeff Martin painting Wesley picked out for her birthday. You might remember this from Jeff's blog.
Jeff has a great set up at Shakori and a loyal following. Here he is at his tent working on a new piece. He really inspired Wes and I'm sure we will have to go to the art store now and get some oil sticks. I think the painting she got will be very special to her for a very long time.
Jeff and Gerry are a lot alike and have many similar injuries from bikes and skateboards. They were comparing war wounds :) really funny, but it was great to finally meet after blogging together for so long and nice to have a new friend!
Here is my tent set up, I'll post more later, I have lots of photos but I gotta run get some work done right now!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time. I love the painting by Jeff that Wesley chose...and I LOVE that it matches the shirt she is wearing! :-)

Your setup looks awesome. Such a peaceful Asian feel to it, and the 'prayer flags' are a nice touch!


Judy Shreve said...

Gosh - Wesley is lovely! And I love the Jeff Martin painting . . . what a great environment to spend the weekend & a birthday.

Anonymous said...

that is a great picture of wes... the beauty of youth is awesome (in the literal meaning). good to see she got one of jeff's paintings, i've been watching him get into those old windows he's found. and i cannot get over that wes was sitting next to john paul jones. i'm not much of a celebrity enthusiast but it'd be cool to hang with him i guess. not sure what one would say, unless he's into throwing pots. love led zep tho, can't get over the first couple albums and it weird's me out to think that i've been listening to something since i was 12 years old. looks like you had fun. your booth looks great too.

doug Fitch said...

Cool :-)

ang said...

wow looks like a great wkd and such an arty event i would have enjoyed that one..glad you did..happy b'day wes and a great painting too..

Laura said...

Wes is stunning and your booth looks so inviting. Love the prayer flags.xo

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks everyone, I passed on your birthday wishes and kind words to Wes! She said "awwwwww....."