Saturday, May 8, 2010

Parting with my favorite things

Another fantastic Saturday at the Saxapahaw Farmer's Market! The weather was perfect,except for a little wind. (tent and wind is a scary thing). Lots of people out shopping and I sold more than I ever have there. Also had to part with my very favorite little tea box house. I love this thing and I almost didn't bring it, but I have got to get over keeping everything I love that I make. Good news is that it went to a wonderful home, thanks Heather for loving it too! Heather coordinates the market and is becoming one of my collectors :) and I appreciate the support greatly! I also sold all of my rice bowls that, again, I almost took out today while packing. I really like them and I had sold some of them at Shakori and decided maybe I wanted some of them for myself. But a very nice couple from NY stopped by and bought all that I had left. Thanks to everyone that came out today and supported the local farmers and artists. You guys are THE BEST! At least I got some photos of the box and the bowls before I sold them, I hardly ever remember to do that :)
And last I wanted to mention that Joseph Sand is now blogging, he is on my blogroll, check him out. Joseph is a great potter, I met him when I helped out at Mark Hewitt's and he was an apprentice there. And I have a few incredible pieces of his. Check out the new kiln construction he has on his blog, a thing of beauty. Congratulations on your new pottery, Joseph!


Linda Starr said...

that's great you did so well at the market, that is one sweet tea box. If you haven't tried it, tazo tea wild sweet orange is one of my favorites to drink

Hollis Engley said...

Sell 'em, Trace. You'll just make more and better. That's the way it works. They're lovely, though.

ang said...

so cool trace, exactly i'm with mr hollis make more and make em just as great!! glad you had a great day, markets are a world of their own..

Patricia Griffin said...

Just gotta make more. Love the tea box. Really nice.