Saturday, June 26, 2010

Barns and Anarchists

Firing the kiln in the morning to get some more barns finished. I had an idea while on vacation to put some little skull heads like this one on them.This barn was in the backyard of the house we rented. I made a pendant with a skull if you remember but I knocked it on a counter one day while wearing it and broke it so I haven't made any more. I think they may be too fragile.
Gerry called from Toronto a bit ago. He was assigned to cover the protests and he said it's pretty out of control. A group of self proclaimed anarchists have set fire to police cars and while I was talking to him he just said, uh oh, I gotta go, and that was it. You can see the pics he shot today from the riot here and here. It's interesting, I just watched CBS News and they barely mentioned it, mostly talked about Obama being there and the economy. Meanwhile angry people are burning police cars downtown. Glad he has a gas mask!
Gerry's shooting riots and I'll be canning tomatoes and making pottery. Ying and Yang :)


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I just checked out your husbands shots, which are amazing, especially the one that ended in 572, with the police marching and black smoke looking very ominous.
Great work, Gerry

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Julie, I'll pass on the note to him. He's a good photographer but a very tired one right now!

Michele said...

I hope the police are able to round up those fools and lock them away - they always take the focus away from the legitimate protestors and the real issues. I also hope that your husband stays safe. What a crappy assignment. Thanks for sharing his photos. Here in Canada this seems to be all we've heard about on the news.

cookingwithgas said...

we are thinking about Gerry! i hope a speedy trip home to NC!
Meanwhile love the idea of adding skulls to your barns.
I still want to do a barn trip day with you!

Trish said...

Hi Tracey...I hope Gerry manages to stay safe... I am disgusted with the people that are 'out of control'..!..How NOT to make an impression. And too bad you can't get good coverage of the 'whole' picture from your stations. Canadian stations and reports are pretty inclusive, I think..
..have a great day potting and canning:).. I am off to take some pots to a gallery..will post later.
Super Sunday to you!

jimgottuso said...

very interesting last couple posts tracey... the yin and yang indeed, whoa. i wanted to say that i stopped at the farmer's market two fridays ago for some romaine lettuce and charlie had a huge head with little brown spots on a couple of the inside leaves and i ended up with 3 enormous heads for 5 bucks... two romaine and one red leaf. salads for a week. love the carlos.