Thursday, July 8, 2010

Barns and a deer

These look so much nicer after I wipe some stains on them. I really like these two. The roofs are a mother to photograph though, where is that professional that I know....because the pro didn't shoot these, you can't tell, but they both have about four different layers of terra sig and stains and are in the kiln now for their third firing. These things are eating up a lot of time. I have to roll out the slabs one day, cut out the templates and build them the next, wait for drying so I can apply the sig, then I sand the layers with steel wool, fire, apply stains, fire again, think that they need more stains, fire again, clean them, apply wax, polish.....then try to sell them somewhere!
I am starting to get a bit of an itch to get some canvas and paints and do some paintings of them. It has been forever since I painted and I know they would be crap, but I think it would be fun to try. What I really need to do is take a class. What I really need is another project haha!

This sweet little girl came and ate breakfast in my yard and then laid down for a bit. I have never seen one do this in the day time. She is likely the one that ate my tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash too. Our dog found a place in the back of our property that had quite a smell, he laid down there and rolled around forever then came to me and we had to go right in for a bath. What a smell. I think they are bedding down there at night. I think I heard that the town of Chapel Hill had a meeting to discuss hiring professional bow hunters to come and kill all of the deer in town because the precious flowers were being eaten. Did I dream that? Do I really live in a place where such people think such stupid thoughts? Kill a living creature because it ate your farking flowers. Yeah, that'll show 'em! (notice I chose my better word?!)


Hollis Engley said...

More nice barns, Trace. How are buyers reacting to them?

Tracey Broome said...

I don't know yet Hollis, I am going by a gallery tomorrow that has some of them and get some feed back, there is an art walk this weekend there, and I have a show this weekend, first with the barns so I will see what folks say.The show is with NC Cultural Resources and is at a historic plantation, so it should be a good crowd for the barns. I'll let ya know!

Patricia Griffin said...

Oh deer! I love the deer around here, but there are some who fret over their plants, etc. Mostly, we have to be careful driving at nightfall because they'll run right out in front of the cars.

I love the barns. They are both my favorites. :) That green color is wonderful.

Judy Shreve said...

Your barns look great -- I'd love to know how they are selling as well. Besides being wonderful, they fill a nostalgia place for folks too. Hope people are connecting.

I live in the middle of a neighborhood - in the middle of the city and have lots of deer. My neighborhood is heavily treed -- I feel sorry for all the wildlife -- we humans have definitely invaded their space!

Anonymous said...

lovely barns tracey... i like the green one and those black streaks. i see a blue moon in many photos on the previous post. sofia's mom loves her blue moon too.

Linda Starr said...

Good luck with your barns today; I am sure they will be well received. I can't imagine having enough patience to fire something multiple times, but then again if you can achieve what you want, it is worth it and these are definitely worth the multiple firings.

On the deer front, lots of times folks feed the deer and so the deer stick around and then brouse the flowers, that happened when we lived in the mountains and our neighbors were feeding the deer, the game warden made them stop feeding them and then the deer didn't come by as often.

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

I have to work in stages like this too. What's the trouble with photographing the roofs? Are you not able to get the colors? Could you shoot a close-up detail in addition to the whole piece?

It's a sad thing when the herds get so large, and there isn't enough food. I wouldn't care if the deer ate my flowers, but I've read that overpopulation can promote disease. Not a problem here since we still have predators. Imagine the public's reaction if you had coyotes running around there.

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks guys, I think the green is my favorite too. Yes, Blue Moon! It's the closest we have found to the brew at Top of the Hill in Chapel Hill. Nice with a slice of orange! I'll let you know what folks think of these things after the weekend, I should get some comments at least if not any sales! Kari, we have been hearing some coyotes around, next the red wolves will come up from the coast! Poor deer, the biggest predator they have around here are the cars.

Anonymous said...

Love the barns, you put so much into them, they are so soft - I want to touch them.

as for the deer, sweet, not like Mr. Bucky who decided to total my CRV last year!

Peter said...

Good for you Tracey regarding the deer. It is beautiful, and I am sure that your tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and squash have helped her maintain her good looks! I grow plums and apples for our birds (I really do), and we had a "wild" patch of black currents that I let grow (they got way taller then me), and a black bird had her nest there for a few years. I always thought that she must have had really healthy young ones because of all that vitamin C. Animals certainly can be frustrating when they strip all the fruit and veg, but cages for the veg and fruit canes can help I'm sure. I hate the thought of people killing deer just because they chew up flowers!! Agggggggh!

I love your barns and hope they sell well. It is amazing just how long such things can take to make compared with wheel thrown work.

cookingwithgas said...

If they are going to weed down the population of deer I hope they will use the meat to feed the homeless.

I love the barns and could not pass interesting barns, churches or buildings without thinking of you this past week.
girl- you got it going on! Don't focus on time focus on the outcome.