Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kick ass girls

Wesley and I went out and about today in Hillsborough to visit Susan Wells and the girls firing her wood kiln and Laura Farrow who was painting and getting ready for an upcoming show, lots going on even though it was pouring rain, just sheets of it coming down. Wes is there in front of some of the paintings Laura will be showing for the Hillsborough art walk at the end of the month, July 30 I think.
but these girls were out there in it firing Susan's wood kiln. Susan is offering wood firing workshops at her studio now and she gives way above and beyond for the folks who participate.
I realized as I looked at the photos I shot that my friends are some bad ass women! No rain gonna stop them, although they did work in shifts for lunch and breaks.
My friend Kristen taking a food break.
Here is a sneak peak at the cups Laura will have for sale. Her show will be at Cuppa Joe in Hillsborough and the cups are all one of a kind and so so great. I'll show you the one I got later, forgot to photograph it when I was there. Laura and Bob are two of my most favorite people and Bob is so supportive of Laura's work. I'm always so inspired when I leave them.
So the rain is pouring down, getting ready to go soak in oatmeal, somehow I managed to get in a nest of chiggers yesterday and there is barely a place on my entire body without a bite on it. I am absolutuely about to pull myself apart with this itching. These are the most Godforesaken pests that were ever put upon this Earth and I dread every summer outdoors because they find me and chew me up.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

you go girls!
great cups.
Tracey, does 'Off' work for chiggers? it does for mosquitoes.

Patricia Griffin said...

Sounds like a kick-ass day! Love the imagery on those cups.

cookingwithgas said...

kick-ass is right!

Schnee said...

Ugghh...I got chiggers on me blueberry picking 2 years ago. You have my deepest sympathies. Those are the worst...not to mention they go for anywhere elastic.

ang said...

wow, looks like great hard work are you in for wood firing trace? oi chiggers sound beastlie... said...

People, these chiggers are driving me mad!! No Ang, just visiting on the wood fire, don't need the distraction right now:)

Laura said...

Thanks for the kudos, Trace!

Jesse Lu said...

I love the third photo... It totally makes me think, damn, chicks rule. Working in clay often makes me feel that way.