Monday, August 2, 2010

Other things to do

Grandparents wanted to see this one so we drove down to Charlotte for a quick visit today. Long drive for a few hours but Gerry's mom is an angel right here on Earth and cannot be denied seeing her grandchildren. Every one of them personally thinks that they are her favorite. She has a way of making you feel that way. She is interested in every single person she meets and instantly makes you feel like she cares for you sincerely. She is a Baptist preacher's wife, has to be the hardest job there is, and she has done it with style and grace for years. She was a huge influence on Wesley when she was small, and I think Wes is very much the person she is greatly due to her grandmother Broome. So no pottery today, but lots of laughs and pretty scenery on the way down ( barns, cows, goats, farm houses and pastures!).


cindy shake said...

A good inspiration day ;o)

cookingwithgas said...

Never give up a day with Wesley- she will soon sprout wings and be gone.
Your MIL sounds like a wonderful person.