Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seagrove for the bloggers

Yesterday I received two emails, one was a note about getting accepted for the American Craft Today show at The Bascom, which I am thrilled to pieces about and the other was an acceptance for Festifall in Chapel Hill, a show I did very well at last year and am excited to be in again. But if you will notice over to the side where my show schedule is, I have the Clay and Blogs show on Oct 1, Bascom Oct 2 and Festifall Oct 3 YIKES!
My point is that I was planning to come down and help drive all the out of town bloggers around to the potteries on Saturday after the Clay and Blogs opening and now there is no way I can do this grrrrr..... So here is a little blog tour for all of you that are coming in for the show in October or for anyone that has not been to Seagrove before but has plans for a visit. I shot some pics for you last weekend. First of all, you will find most of the potteries by looking for signs on poles like this one above. There are also new blue state road signs for many of them, but I like the charm of the hand made ones better. There are also maps available that show all of the potteries around.

When you visit, you will see lots of pastoral landscapes, beautiful old barns, churches and quaint shops, lots of red dirt.
Shops for pottery, that's about it. There are no groceries, no bars, no alcohol, no coffee shops, just pottery, so come to see pottery, nothing else. There is one gas station.
Also come with a full stomach or a picnic unless you want to eat at the Jugtown Cafe where truckers are welcome. I have never eaten here but it's probably pretty good, most places like this are. We usually pack some food and have a nice picnic somewhere.
If you like hot dogs, burgers and ice cream the Dairy Breeze in town is really good. I used to stop here with my mom and dad when I was a little girl on the way home from my grandparents house. Haven't been in awhile, but it was good when I was little. There is one other restaurant out near Ben Owens place but I didn't get out that way this trip.
Point is, this is not Martha's Vineyard or Key West, charming as they are. It is a potter's village, hundreds of years old with 7th generation potters. It is very rural and charming in it's own way, but you don't head to the local pub after a hard day, heck you don't even get to go to the Quik Check and grab a six pack of Budweiser! and you don't get to stop in at the local coffee shop for a latte before you start your day. You work hard, sell your pots and help out your neighbor if they need you. It's a good life with no frills, but the end product sure is a nice one! This is sort of an outsider's tour, it would be fun for some of the Seagrove locals to chime in here with their own tour. It's so exciting that so many are coming in for this show in October, can't wait to see all of you!
PS: Hollis reminded me, if you are in town Oct. 3 there will be Festifall in downtown Chapel Hill, really worth the trip over, and like he said you can come see me! Great beer in CH!


cookingwithgas said...

well done Tracey- I hope to guide our out of town guest through the area while they are here.
I will sure miss having you along but best of luck with your shows!
You are knocking it out of the ball park.
The big barn as you go in to Seagrove use to have the best ad painted on the side it was a salt ad- it has faded over the years and you can no longer see it- but it is a great barn.

Patricia Griffin said...

BIG CONGRATS Tracey on the acceptance to the American Craft Today show! You are going to be a very busy lady! Thanks for the virtual tour of Seagrove. I wish I could come that weekend and see you all. Waaaaa. Another time!

Ron said...

Yes, well done Tracey, glad to hear you have great things coming up.
Good pics of Seagrove, and you are correct, bring a lunch and enjoy your visit out and around the country side. My advice is to get a map and go out to as many of the studios that you can. You get to meet the potters that way and see where they work and live. Save the consignment shops in town for another time.

Tracey Broome said...

M, I loved that barn. Patricia I wish every blogger on my list could come, what fun! hey Ron, thanks for pitching in with Seagrove advise, hope others do the same!!

Hollis Engley said...

We'll print out this stuff and put it in with the tour information, Trace. Congrats on the shows. We'll just have to swing by your booth and harass you.

Tracey Broome said...

Hollis, that's a great idea, I put a PS up on this post. Several people have commented that they could come by my studio, but I don't really have one so come by my booth instead!!

ang said...

wow trace you're on a roll congrats..

Hannah said...

Oh I do wish I was going to be able to come. Sadly not but I hope evryone that does get there has a great time. What an opportunity to meet so many blogging potters at the same time. It's going to be a great show!
Well done on the acceptance too.h