Friday, September 3, 2010

If it's old I love it!

OK, enough with the hair video, thanks for letting me be silly for a minute. HUGE fluff post!
Like many of you,I'm sure, I love old, rusty things. I went to my favorite antique place yesterday looking for some things for my booth set up and found some treasure. I picked up a couple of old ammunition boxes and I really love the old lunch pail and gas can in the upper left hand corner. I know there are a couple of folks out there recreating this look in clay, but I'm going to join them. Plus it will get me back on the wheel. I can just see these with some terra sig and I am very inspired by their rusty surfaces. I also have a plan for the rusty saw blade.....I didn't buy that by the way, it was in our yard?!

These soda crates are perfect for displaying the smaller barns. They are starting to get pricey but I found these two for $10, not bad, some I saw were $20, not paying that for a crate!
Gerry has been at the Outer Banks all week covering Hurricane Earl, survived fine and is heading back. Hope those of you along the coast farther north stay safe and the storm blows through quickly. Hunker down Hollis!! Aren't you glad the Chatham show is past you haha!!
I seriously cleaned my work space yesterday, all set for a good start next week. I have a lot to get done before the first week in October!
PS: I checked in with Tig this morning at FuturePrimitive to see if she received a package from me. I drew names for the generosity chain gift giving and hers was the first name. She did get it, I was worried, hate shipping breakable objects! Next one will be shipping soooooon......


Sister Creek Potter said...

Don't the barns look like they have always lived with your 'new' treasures! The barns are so great they'd go great anywhere. You are a real artist--wish you could design our 'stage' for us!

Judy Shreve said...

I love love love old stuff too -- and your barns do look great in those crates. It's interesting you're thinking of recreating the pails & gas can - it will go great with your style of working right now -- and keep you interested! I still think you are in such a good artistic groove! Yay!

Michele said...

Ohhhh, I've been wanting one of your barns, and now I want four of them in a crate :)
(and then I can gaze upon them and wonder how such a little fluff girl like you could create something so, so,... exquisitely earthy and lovely) (haha)
Very nice, Tracey.
ps. I'm glad you picked up that saw blade before someone got cut;)

Tracey Broome said...

Michelle, you are so funny! One of these days, I am actually going to start selling these barns haha! That's me, exquisite earthy fluff LOL!
I love that description!!!!

Trish said...

Tracey...your collection is terrific! you have a gift to display as well,...of course..:)..
the barns are absolutely at home in those crates.! how cool.
Antique stores are always on my list of favourites too.

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Trish: I started out in High School doing store display for Belk Dept Stores and then went to school for interior design and did that for 20 years so I guess it just comes naturally!

Linda Starr said...

You have a real knack for display, the old surfaces really complement your pieces.

June Perry said...

Love all those old, rusty things. Years ago I bought a bunch of heavy wood crates for $2.50 a piece and my daughter used them for years to store her albums. When she moved to Europe she gave them to our son. They have certainly given this family their moneys worth.
Love your little barns!