Friday, October 29, 2010

Project Runway

First just let me say a great big THANK YOU to all who commented yesterday. Especially thanks for the Patanjali quote and the Winnie the Pooh poem. As soon as I wrote that post yesterday I felt better and after reading everyone's comments, I got up and went to work. I managed to get a piece made for the commission I'm working on and a few more things. At least I didn't feel frozen anymore, so again thanks!! If you didn't read yesterday's comments, it worth it to go back over and read them, some great words there from some very wise bloggers!
Now, if you are not a Project Runway fan, you might want to move on to another blog.but I will try to make a pottery connection here. I have to tell you, this is one of my mental weaknesses and I'm not afraid to say that I AM a huge fan of Project Runway, I have watched every season and I just think Tim Gunn is the greatest. He is probably the main reason I watch it. However, last nights finale has me thinking I may not be watching anymore. The winner was a wretched, untalented bitch named Gretchen who made clothes that you probably wouldn't even find in your local Walmart. They were hideous and the clear winner, Mondo was robbed of a truly deserved victory. Were the judges seeing a different show than the rest of us?!?! I went online after the show and the blogs were blowing up with outrage. One blog had a vote this morning and MONDO got 93% of the vote.
Clearly, there is something wrong in the fashion industry. My mom gave me money for my birthday, and she loves it when I buy something to wear. Well, that was back in September and I'm still looking for something that is beautiful and affordable. Guess what, it doens't exist! My closet used to be full of well made affordable clothes from The Gap and Banana Republic, I haven't bought anything from them in years now unless it was back in the clearance section. I'm sorry, but I am NOT going to pay $80 for a pair of jeans when the racks at the local thrift stores are full of jeans for $5 and they are just fine for what I wear them for.
Contests of all sorts are so subjective. Remember that 500 Vases book? and the brilliant potters that didn't get into that? Like Jen Mecca for one, Jen's work flies off the shelves, people love her work! The people that were selected were also brilliant and did deserve the selection, but really it's just one person's opinion. Gerry used to enter the NC Press Photograhers and the National Press Photographers contests but stopped long ago because it was all based on the opinions of a select few, some of them couldn't make a good picture if they had to. So anyway, no real point here except to say that Nina Garcia and Michael Kohrs have no taste whatsoever, and Mondo is the real winner in the eyes of everyone that was watching!!!!!!



Achem... I TOO didn't get into the book... I frankly thought I was the only one. Either way... I have to believe there are reasons for things we just don't even know about sometimes... I avoid watching Project Runway because of my years in the industry... frankly, I just can't deal. You rock. Always and forevaaahhh.

The Seldom Seen Kid said...
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Tracey Broome said...

Wow, Judi, see what I mean about judges choices!
SSK, first of all I don't have a "little group" and your post seems a bit hostile. I don't think anyone means to overlook you or not give you "credit" for anything, but really who the hell are you anyway? The people that comment frequently here on my post are people that I know through visits or personal contact, I know about their families, I have stayed in their houses. You remain anonymous, post on my blog and then feel slighted because you aren't recognized for mentioning a book? I don't do clicks, never have, never did fit in to any of them and anyone that knows me knows this about me. What a strange post...
Anyway, moving on, I hated Santino on PR but I did love his Tim imitation, I had forgotten about that.

Hollis Engley said...

Yes,Tracey, an unusual post by SSK. Have I missed him/her on your blog? Not being snide here, or cliquish - just don't remember having seen SSK over the past couple of years of being in and out of the various blogs. I know that circles of friends develop in things like this; I think that has happened with a wide group of us bloggers. But it keeps widening. This isn't high school; I think everyone is ready to make new friends.

Hollis Engley said...

OK, so after posting that last comment, I went to Seldom Seen Kid's blog and other than the name "slooiu," there is no information. No posts. No profile. So he/she is a spook, a flamer, whatever people today call secret people who comment just to piss us off?

cookingwithgas said...

I often find that I am posting a thought about the same time as someone else- with a similar comment or thought- I don't take it personally if someone comments on what I say or picks it up from somewhere else.
Take a breath and realize we are all having a conversation and many times conversations overlap- and usually when this happens you are in a room together and can respond.
I had to go back and read yesterday conversation and it seems Tracy did response but just left out Fear and Art until it was mention two more times.
Well hey sometimes something needs to be said more then once.
Anyway- take a breath- work on your own blog so we all have a chance to read you and find out more about you and who you are.

Tracey Broome said...

Oh well, never mind, the author deleted the comment, no fun at all!
But really, is there a clique here somewhere? I'm always the last to know!

Judy Shreve said...

Seldom Seen Kid is the name of an album by Elbow. I did a google search & the SSK who posted on your blog seems to post regularly on the Ceramic Arts Daily forum -- he/she uses the same image of the above album cover as his/her avatar. But when you try to see the profile - nothing is listed -- just the name, image and a birthdate & I only remember the year 1980.

I've never felt like these blogs are cliques -- just treasure my new friends. It's nice after working all day long - alone in my studio -- to visit with others that have had the same kind of day -- it's good to share stories -- too bad SSK took that stance -- cause we always seem to welcome more friends!

Maybe he/she was just having a bad day -- but odd that the post was removed.

Linda Starr said...

I agree with what the others said the poster should start a blog, oh can you give me credit for Art and Fear I posted about it on my blog last year. ha.