Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Social Media, ick

Friend me, tweet me, I'm having my second cup of coffee, I'm going to take a crap now.....
Social Media, grrrrr.......
"I WILL NOT do Facebook". I remember a similar phrase a few years back, "I will NOT buy CD's, I will only buy records." Well, I did buy CD's but I am back to buying albums, thank God. But I WILL NOT do Facebook. I hate the whole get on the band wagon thing of it, and the whole everybody's doing it thing. If everybody's doing it you can sure as Hell bet that I won't. But mostly I HATE the term social media. First of all, I'm not that social, I like to be alone, a lot. Second of all, I spend way too much time as it is sitting in front of this computer reading a very long list of blogs, blogs that I enjoy very much and I would be sad to see them go because of Facebook, like Jen Mecca stopping her blog to have more time with her kids. I applaud her decision, but I will miss her blog. If more people start adding more stuff to their Facebook and less to their blog, I will miss a lot, so maybe come on over here and tell me what I missed if you don't mind. Like today, Kari said that she saw photos from the workshop on Facebook, well I won't be seeing those..... I just find the whole thing absurd, here is a perfect example: I sat behind someone at a certain event and at every break, they grabbed their iphone to say what they were doing on Facebook, post a photo, then check email, then back to Facebook, then texting, then back to Facebook, then another photo.... it's an addiction, and I do not have an addictive personality, so I just don't see the allure. I am really not interested in using something as bland looking as Facebook to market my art either. It is a really boring media to me and quite frankly I just don't get it. I'm actually surpised that so many artists have embraced Facebook, it just isn't that creative. That's what I enjoy so much about blogs, they are just another art form to me and I think people get very creative with them. I'm not saying this to piss anyone off and if you choose to do Facebook, your world, do what you want, I'm just saying, I won't be there, so I guess I am going to miss something, don't know what, but I have done without it for 50 years so I probably don't need it. And another thing, people keep saying that they hooked up with old high school friends, well if I hook up with the people that I went to high school with, it will be a less than pleasant day for me, I can tell you that. I tried Facebook and it took a week for me to start cringing and the comments, so that's that. I hope I survive without the "Social Media". I hear that it's the future and if you aren't on board, you're going to get left in the dust. Oh well, more time to watch a good movie, read a good book, not an electronic one but one with pages that I can turn, more time to sit on the front porch with my family, have a nice glass of wine, tell some stories, roast some marshmellows, cook a good meal, make more pottery, go to a museum, go for a hike, write a letter, call my mom on the phone, listen to an album, visit a friend, go see my daughter's band, walk the dog, test some glazes, build a studio, plant some herbs.....where the heck do people find time to tweet, facebook, text, blog, and get in some of these fun things?
I actually have this very lovely friend, Carmen Elliott, great potter, and she doens't even have a computer!!! She seems to be surviving just fine and she's one of the most serene people I have ever met. She may be on to something......


cookingwithgas said...

I do both- more to keep up with but it has been the only way to keep up with my family during these past months.
Yoou just have to know when to say enough.
Plus that is where I go to get my Grand baby fix- a picture a day goes a long way when there are 5 hours between us.

Linda Starr said...

I really like blogging. I use my own blog as a reference tool for places I've been and work I've done in the past. I find writing things down helps my brain sort out the work I do and keeps me better organized, so I'm keeping my blog. Plus my blog has been invaluable for tips other potters have given me or questions I have had answered on other's blogs, I do facebook but I only post my blog links.

Linda Starr said...

I don't even know how to text and only have a pay as you go phone (that doesn't take photos) for emergencies. We haven't even connected up our TV, might do that soon though so we can watch a movie or two now that our house is almost together.

Trish said...

Don't 'do' twitter..that is just tooooo much, but do have a facebook page but not crazy with it. :)..ditto on the rest of your comments, Tracey. :)Enjoy your restful glass of wine.

The Seldom Seen Kid said...

I have been following your progress for about a year now,(I used to post as "S crack" but something happened to that account) and I cannot tell you how much my esteem for you has just increased. Social media is a total waste of productive time,for me. I am making five figures a year (not $10K) doing pottery part time, and do NO social media. Web site and Etsy, that's it.
How the world ran before all this instant, constant contact is amazing, isn't it?
You are not alone, so stick to your guns, others of us are with you!

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Hi Tracey, In my opinion FB and Twitter some how give people the illusion that they are in touch with friends and family. That's why these sites are so successful.

On the business side of the coin.. For almost a year now, I have worked my Etsy Shop and promoted it on both FB and Twitter. I doubt that I have made even one sale as result of my postings on FB or Twitter. Not surprizing since 90% of my friends and followers are fellow potters. It often feels like a huge waste of time.
I do enjoy reading the blogs. I just don't have much going on worth blogging about lately.
:) Cindy

A said...

I've been following your blog for a long time and I enjoy it very much.
This post sounds like its ME talking!! I identify with you on this FB issue 100%.
Looks like you and I will be the last ones to join.... :)
meanwhile, keep up your wonderful work and blog,

Judy Shreve said...

Interesting post, Tracey.

I really enjoy blogs -- reading them -- and treasure the friendships I have made, but sometimes I feel somewhat pressured to post on my blog.

I tried to quit FB but went back to it -- it helps me keep in touch with family -- just enough. Bob's one of eight kids -- of those we communicate with a few by phone. Most of my FB posts are a connection to my recent blog post.

I just opened my Etsy shop & am wondering how to increase sales without putting too much computer time into it. I've made a couple of sales -- and that's a good thing.

So they way I see it - social media is here. We can participate & get more exposure for our business or we can just make pots. I admire someone who doesn't have a computer -- but I'm too social and would miss my cyberspace friends.

I don't watch television -- does that count?? lol And if I didn't text, I would miss a lot of conversations with my son . . .

barbaradonovan said...

Not saying I'll NEVER do Facebook for sure, but I haven't wanted to and just don't need another time suck. I was thinking about it for pottery marketing reasons, but Dirtkicker's comments has me reconsidering that. Your post has me leaning heavily toward the "not going to" side again. (thanks).

Re Etsy for Judy: Renew 1 to 3 items a day to keep your shop relevant in searches if you don't have new items to list. Only takes a minute and only costs 20 cents each. Think of it as cheap advertising. Above all be patient and don't give up -- it just takes time and people will find you.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

You bring up many good points...

I do blog, facebook and even twit (!!). I was ambivalent about facebook until I watched my stepson, who makes amazing jewelery, use his FB account to sell a lot of jewelery. He's 26. I tried applying some of his method: "these, just out of the kiln" with a photo and was amazed to have people contact me to purchase things.

I wish I made enough $$ without it all, and maybe someday will reach that height...but for now- I need to do all the promo/marketing I can stomach. Actually FB is easier than the blog- takes far less time. They serve different functions for me.

Good news is that there are many avenues and we can find the ones that suit us best. I love your blog, your work and your rants ;)

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

I knew you didn't do FB. That's why I posted that in my comment. It's been a while since we've heard a good rant from you.

I like Fb for keeping up with friends and family. I've moved a lot and my sisters live pretty far away. Not a substitute for a good phone conversation, but better than the weeks of silence that falls between such conversations. I'm also able to keep up with some community events since our local paper is a weekly.

I can't say that FB has been a boon to my business at all. However, unlike a lot of folks trying to promote their businesses, I don't "friend" people who I do not actually know. Maybe I'd have more fans on my STP page, but whatever.

I will admit being dismayed at how FB changes its privacy settings. I helped my daughter set up a page (that's a whole other story), and made sure her privacy settings are the strongest they can be. We found old classmates of my son (5th graders) with no privacy settings in place. Anyone can see their entire profile. Dangerous.

An argument can be made for good PR. I'm not sure FB and other social media do much more than feed our egos and promote narcissism. Go me!

Sister Creek Potter said...

Can't resist chiming in! That is probably how I got into FB myself! I have been surprised at how un-interesting it is for me EXCEPT that my youngest son is occasionally on and he is usually hard to be in touch with. So I'm eager to catch any little news he puts up. But more importantly, his girlfriend posts regularly (work related) and from her I catch things they are doing together from time to time. Don't read it as regularly as I read my favorite blogs--where I am right now! I could live happily forever without returning to check into FB--but it was hard getting through the weekend while you were away studying glazes!
I love the barn--nicely sophisticated!

Anonymous said...

hi tracey, poop on facebook! i'm on facebook but i can't say what i need to in a small comment so i only post links to my blog posts. it takes enough time to write those without coming up with something else for FB. believe me, you aren't missing anything... this won't make any sense to you but half the people on there are playing farmville or some other inane game and i received messages from many of them asking for a cow or some such shite. it took me months to realize i could block it. you're not missing anything just like i'm not missing anything by not texting... what am i saying?, like your friend without a computer, i don't have a cell phone. i almost get run over or in a car accident daily because of people on their cell phones but i can't call them on mine and tell them to get a life. i don't have cable tv... but there is definitely entertainment going on in my house. thanks for the rant fix

Cindy Shake said...

HA! I love how everybody needs their Tracey rant fix!! I'm sure you also said you would never take credit cards either....!HA! Sorry to say, but I had more customers say they knew about an upcoming show or knew of my new work because of my FB posts. I know, yuck. I don't get half of what some post on FB and it goes in the category of who gives a cr@p?! BUT, the power of FB enabling my customers to connect to me is undeniable. I do what Jim does and just "share" my Blog posts on my FB page and add a few art tid-bits here and there. It works.

andrea said...

Oddly FB has allowed me to not be SO introverted. I can tend to be a hermit and it creates an illusion that I am not..... sad but true.
It is like my cigarette. Wow. I just admitted that. It is a love hate relationship and for now it works for me.

I also love LP's and walks in the woods and feeling the wind blow through my window on my head and the smell of bread almost ready to be pulled from the oven and the feel of slurry as I dig around looking for my sponge at the bottom of my bucket. Life is weird like that. We all find what works for us at the time and then reevaluate and reevaluate until we find what brings us the most peace of mind.

So nice to know what works for you!!!

(What you missed from my FB post today:
Picking up my son Max today at school a classmate,girl, blows him a kiss and says,"I'll marry you when I get older", then down the line every other girl blew him a kiss and said Me, too! I laughed for 10 minutes straight. Max grimaced, smirked and stormed off!

Happy beautiful afternoon to you.


brandon phillips said...

i facebook. it's mostly a tool to keep up to date with friends and family. it is a time waster, but no more than chatting on the phone with family or friends(if that's what you use it for.) there is very little that is pottery related on my facebook page, i feel sorry for other potters that friend me hoping for more than what's on my blog.

I'll tell you what though, I f-ing hate twitter. It's a one-trick pony and doesn't do anything you can't do on facebook.

Now just to annoy you I will give you ten recent status updates from facebook:

"i've been evading the tech guys at school since june but they've finally found a way into my office and upgraded my computer to windows 7. bastards, i hate change."

"i just peeked in the kiln with all the porcelain and it looks awesome. yay me."

"i gave up soda as of 2:00pm yesterday. i think we should start a betting pool to see how long i last."

"There's always money in the banana stand."

""I couldn't believe how this material could me look like such a fool." -Jack Troy on learning how to make pots."

"why does glazing always take so much longer than you think it will? I'm going home."

"walmart...your one stop shop for all the texan necesseties: bibles, beer, guns and overalls."

"Cinnabon doesn't open until 10:30?!! What the heck? I suppose it's best, at least for my waistline."

"‎50 pots made, 22 mugs handled, 16 yunomi footed. I think I'll call it a day."

"i've been spray painting in an enclosed room that is supposedly ventilated but i don't know...pretty sure i'm high right now."

Do you see what you're missing?

Join up, I'll be your first friend.


Tracey Broome said...

But Brandon, when did you take a crap! Thanks all for your opinions and not getting pissed at me for attacking the beloved f' book!! It was good to hear another side although, I'm still not going there!!!