Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beautiful Church

Saturday, I met my friend Laura for coffee and then she took me to see this beautiful church in Hillsborough. It is humble and quiet, just the way I want the pieces I 'm constructing to be.

Sunday I went down to Southern Pines and helped Mark and Meredith pack up the Clay and Blog show. I got to see the pieces one more time up close and personal. you guys sure do some nice work! I was very honored to be in a show with all of you.


Judy Shreve said...

Love that stacked foot -- and yours look so much like that on your pieces. And I agree that church has such a quiet dignity - and I think your pieces do as well.

Max said...

great church and photos captured it. It is a great model for your simple/complex textured work.

Cindy Shake said...

Lovely inspiration -those footings are just your style too! I'm jealous you had the chance to see the Show again. Hard to believe it's over :o( though bet Meredith isn't HA! Glad they had you to help too. thanks.

cookingwithgas said...

Oh it is great- i love the rock footings.
And that weather board is great.
Thanks again for your help- I am still playing catch up!

Patricia Griffin said...

The stacked foot on this church is just like the barn of yours I have. Awesome.

Hannah said...

Thanks for helping with the packing up Tracey. Everyone involved in the show has been brilliant and put in so much time and effort. It's been great to be involved, even from afar.