Friday, November 5, 2010

Long weekend

I took Wesley to the open house at the NC School of the Arts today. What an amazing school. She will be applying to the film school there in January. Right now she plans to concentrate on screenwriting, but the school makes you take classes in all concentrations so she could end up in another area, who know. I just hope she gets in, the school seems like a perfect fit for her. Wish I had known about that school when I was looking for a college, their production and design school is so cool! Long weekend ahead. Just got in from the out of town school visit and I have to get ready for my weekend Raku workshop here at my house. Three people coming on Saturday and three others on Sunday. Whew, I'm already tired just thinking about it. Got to get up and make some soup for everyone in the morning since the trip today took longer than I planned. It's going to be a chilly couple of days outside and we are going to need some warm soup!
Hope to have some fun pictures on Monday of the firings.


Bert said...

I made the first batch of chili this week as it is starting to get cold at night here in Texas. I know it's not as healthy as soup, but it sure is good on a cold night along with a good dark winter

Sister Creek Potter said...

If Wesley gets into the NC School of Arts she'll be close to home, right? Don't know the NC geography. Ben was 700 miles away--a long day's drive so I did not make it often. I did take him and go for him most years. He was in Santa Fe so it was a great place to 'go for him'! And gave us long times for talking! Then he came back to San Antonio after graduation--so that has been really nice. Interesting times: fun to watch them mature, sad to experience their growing independence.
It is even getting cool here and I'm thinking soup or chili, too.

Hollis Engley said...

We lived in New Mexico for six years, so that style of chile is what I make. And that's the way it's spelled, too. So, Tracey, what's the soup you're making?

Michèle Hastings said...

yahoo for raku!!!

Tracey Broome said...

Yahoo for Raku, YES! The soup is veggies from the Farmers Market, squash, zucchinni, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas,tiny potatoes, onions, carrots with olive oil, lentils, cumin and basil, healthy yummy veggie soup. Gay, Wesley will be one hour away! I love that!!!

andrea said...

NC School of the Arts!!! My hometown! I am thinking Rohan will be there when he grows bigger too. Maybe for his senior year of highschool... they have theatre in highschool.

I hope she gets in!
YeeHaw for both of you.