Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Really good firing!

We unloaded the kiln today out in Cedar Grove and I would say about 95% was really sweet!
My barns are all toasty brown and craggy. This is the grogweemee clay from Starworks and I love love love it! I used it for hand building and throwing and I was very happy with it.
my orange shino bowls are white and crazing a bit. Clearly we got zero reduction but the white is really pretty. I have only fired this kiln a couple of times and none of us really know how to get reduction in a wood kiln, helpful input would be great if you have suggestions! I know how to reduce in a gas kiln, but if I fire this kiln again I want more knowledge on wood firing shinos or I'm going to use something that doesn't really require reduction. The yellow salt and temmoku glazes fired beautifully. The kiln is a Ruggles and Rankin design and a really easy kiln to fire, except for the reduction part, we have never got any.


cookingwithgas said...

I want to see the whole Barn!
Looks like a good fire to me!
That baby was taking a nap- she is already showing them what's what and who's in charge!

Tracey Broome said...

Yeah, my baby in in charge now too :)
I'll show you more from the firing, don't worry!!!

Linda Starr said...

Yippee, love the crusty surface on that barn.

Dan Finnegan said...

I wish that I could have shared some of my reduction with you this time!
As for getting there, here's my suggestion. I fired the Ruggles and Rankin kiln at Penland a few times so I assume that there is a blowhole in the top of the arch. Once we began reduction we never let the flame disappear back into the chamber before the next stoke. Of course how you set the damper is important as well. Is there a passive damper? Or just kiln shelves to shove in? It's a maddening and exhilarating puzzle!

ang said...

gorgeous barn thats a definite atmosphere for them...can you reach the chimney or is it high up? If you dont have a damper in the flue just try inching a piece of kiln shelf across the top of the exit flue and wait til you have flame out of the bung hole..then your reducing...prob need pictures yes??

Trish said...

I know nothing about wood firing, but I DO know I love the toasty browns and the white! :)...please show us the whole barn..the corner looks so fabulous..
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.T.

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

The white is fabulous! Love the crazing.