Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Smoking Pots

I guess firing fifty pots on Saturday just wasn't enough for me so I said" hey you guys want to sawdust fire some things?" We put a few pots in a can and let them smoke while we fired all day. Here is a coil pot that I put in. You might remember the barn below as one that was in the Clay and Blog show. It didn't sell, and it was all white terra sig, so I threw it in to see what smoking my barns would look like. It's kinda nice.

My friends Charlotte and Kristen made these pieces to fire beads and small things. One of these days I need to make a metal form for beads but these work ok. You just have to keep making them because they eventually break from all the thermal shock. These held up really well though.
I'm heading up to Asheville and Highlands tomorrow to deliver pots to Kyle Carpenter from the Clay and Blog show and then going over to the Bascom to see the American Craft Today show.
I also have a new thing I like to make. I sat down and threw some large platters yesterday, fun, fun!! I really like making them, never tried before, but they look pretty good. One will go in a wood firing in a couple of weeks, the rest in Raku. I'll post some pics after I fire them, how interested are you in seeing untrimmed platters on a bat anyway?!
Thanks for al the comments on the past few posts. I have sucked at replies, I zoom through my blog reading list, it just grows and grows, then I read your comments, and then it seems like it's time to go do something for someone. I'll try and get back at it.....


Judy Shreve said...

The smoked pots are wonderful! It sure gives your barn a different look -- and a great addition to the washes.

Sister Creek Potter said...

I like the smoked barn a lot. Then I questioned myself, "If the smoked barn and a pristine barn were side by side which would I choose?" And that was a hard question--yet unanswered!

Linda Starr said...

Your smokey pieces look great, fifty pots, you are on a roll. one of the clay bead folks who raku fires has a bead rack they made to fire with, but I can't remember who. I like Gay's question to herself, not sure which I would choose either.

Cindy Shake said...

The Barn rocks! Can't wait to see the platters -hope you will be putting some marks/embellishments on them. Your originality will really shine through if you do... After you Raku them they could be wall hung platters (they sell for more!).

*what a funny verification word I have:
"litypoto" sounds like a fun name for a Show!

Anonymous said...

beautiful coiled pot tracey. i used to love that kind of firing. we'd fill up a metal swimming pool (the kind for kids back then) with pots and sawdust and let it burn all day long. i couldn't make myself comment on the insurance thing in the previous post... too disgusting

cookingwithgas said...

I like the smoky look on the barn!
You have been busy- and thanks for taking the pots back!

Michèle Hastings said...

i like the smoked barn!
i made a ring with holes in it to hold bead wire for raku, so far it has made it through two firings.