Saturday, December 18, 2010

Frost on the Pumpkin

My grandpa used to say there will be frost on the pumpkin tonight, when it was especially cold in the fall. Well, it has been a really cold and snowy December so far and there was definitely frost on this pumpkin when I got up this morning. Woke up to cloudy skies, really cold and later we had snow. But it didn't keep the shoppers away from the Clay Centre today. We had a great crowd and lots of shopping, I'm not sure anyone left without a package and I heard over and over that people were buying local and buying handmade, isn't that wonderful!!! We could start a movement, we should! Thanks so much to Barbara Higgins for opening her wonderful studio for all of us, I think everyone had a great day. It was fun to see some of the shoppers from last week in Saxapahaw, thanks to my new friend Lauren, for buying even more today! and thanks to all of you for coming out in the snow and the cold to support the local artists.
One of my blog readers bought this little house, my most favorite new piece and I got a bit emotional when she left with it, but she is a very kind lady and I know she will enjoy it and it will have a special home! I met so many interesting people today, so much fun!
Another one of my favorite houses found a good home today and several others. I get so attached to these things, it's really funny. Once I cut open the door and windows it's like they get a soul and become very personal to me. Today was great, I shared a room with my friends Amy, Kristen and Charlotte and treated myself to one each of their pieces. I'll photograph them when I unpack my car and show you what I brought home. I'm tired, need a bath and a beer right now, so I'll check back in on Monday! This is my last show of the year, everything else will move to my Etsy shop when I get a chance to put everything in there. Happy Sunday everyone!


cindy shake said...

Yaaaay so glad you had a good sale!!! I'm so loving your barns -I haven't seen one that wasn't just Fabu!! And the Raku process really lends itself and deepens your designs.

cindy shake said...

*Oh I forgot to add...
speaking of frost on the pumpkin -we are at 5 below zero this evening.... :o( and Kristen just got in from Fairbanks where it was -40!! I'm not kidding -it was so cold that her head bolt heater plug snapped off :o((

Jen Mecca said...

So glad to see you doing so well with those houses, they are great! You need to apply to the CDC next year.
Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Hollis Engley said...

Sounds like a good day, Tracey. People seem to be buying good handmade stuff. We had a good day here today, too.
Snow tomorrow, though.

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Cindy, you can have that weather up there, -40?!?!?!? that is some serious cold. Jen!! so good to hear from you, I really miss your blog!! I might just have to look into the CDC, it's just such a bad weekend, Thanksgiving is so busy for me. Great to hear you had good sales too Hollis, I think people really want to shop!

fre-art said...

Having separation anxiety from your beautiful piece makes it even more special for the new owners.
Love your work.