Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Last week I heard a story on NPR about a couple that was in their 70's and for 40 years they had made a Valentine for each other and they still had their collection. This was a great story and so I told Gerry about it and suggested we make each other Valentines for the next 40 years. If you knew Gerry you would know that this isn't going to happen, he doesn't get into the craft room that often. I was sort of kidding about it, but I got up this morning and found this on my computer. What a really great surprise!!! sometimes he does that, just surprises me with the most unexpected thing. Guess that's why we have stayed together for so many years.
Now for my WTF of the week. I decided to make treat bags for Wesley's teachers. I totally blanked on Christmas gifts for them and since she is a Senior I don't do all the things you do as class mom when they are little kids. This will be my last treat bag to make and it was fun. Except for the designers at Target. I found the bags in the photo below, thinking wow what a great shape it's all ready for the ribbon to go around it without crunching up too much bag. Think again. The boxes of candy hearts that I bought to go in to them would not fit, so I had to cut open the holes, what a pain in the ass this turned into. Then Wesley said she felt weird giving her male teachers boxes of candy that said "true love" and be mine". WTF, why are these candy makers writing things like this on candy that is clearly intended for kids to take to school for their friends and teachers. Do we really want our daughters giving boys cards and candy in 3rd grade that say "be mine"? So, I hand wrote a personal card to each teacher, so that it didn't look like these were coming just from Wesley with some secret message to her male teachers!
The bags turned out really cute and Wes agreed to hand them out, risking humiliation, so all is well. I have to say, standing in the candy area at Target made me crazy thinking about what a retail scam we have going on in this country. The Valentine stuff was in the store almost the day after Christmas. Easter candy is there now and by July the stores will have all of the Halloween candy out. We are victims of the retail candy madness I tell you! I almost didn't get the red heart box of chocolates, but, think about it, who can resist a big red satin heart full of yummy chocolate?!?! Except when Wes and I opened our big red hearts, most of the space was taken up with the packaging and about 12 pieces of candy. Remember when those boxes were double layers and chocolates crammed in wrapped in those little brown paper cups? Nope, now there is some crazy gold contraption that cradles the chocolate and the boxes cost twice as much you get half as much. Ain't that the American way! Anyway, hope all of you have a happy Valentines Day and are soon in a chocolate coma like I will be today.


Lori Buff said...

How sweet, what a nice surprise for you this morning.
I normally wait until the day after the holiday to get the heart shaped box of chocolate (or whatever) on sale.

Anonymous said...

lovely pendants in the previous post tracey, particularly those white crackly ones. i'm with you on the v-day WTF... consumerism has run amok.

cookingwithgas said...

I make Mark love me all year long! My best surprise is when he picks me flowers and I walk in to find them in a vase.
He told me this weekend as I sat surrounded by piles of out dated food as I cleaned out his Mother's pantry- you know I love you.
Well of course I do because if you didn't I would not be sitting here....
Happy V day now go eat chocolate!

Judy Shreve said...

what a sweet card from Gerry :)) And yes consumerism is out of control - but what can be bad about a day of 'love?'

I think your pendants rock too !

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's day.

I think my son was finished with handing anything out at school by the 4th grade. Disappointing for me but easier to deal with the disappointment than his "Oh, Mom!" looks.

If only summer would arrive as soon as the swimsuits at the store.

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

I'm laughing as quietly as I can into may hand, reading your post. DH would comment on the injection molding that is that piece of plastic inside the candy box now and that makes laugh even harder.

I heard the same NPR story and thought it was so sweet.