Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hell and Back Again

Tonight was my daughter's senior prom and let me tell you what we did.... she is not a prom kinda girl, so her dad and I took her to the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham to see one of the most remarkable films I have seen in a long while. Rather than tell you about it you can go to the website here: and see for yourself. If this film comes to a location near you GO see it, or if you can rent it in the future, do so. I love that I have a child that spent prom night watching a film about a marine in Afghanistan with her mom and dad. I will tell you that the AP has asked Gerry if he wants to do a six month tour in Iraq or Afghanistan and I'm afraid this film may have him thinking about going. It was filmed with a Canon 5D like Gerry has and it is a beautiful piece of film. Put a 5D in the hands of a photojournalist and you get an amazing combination. Photojournalism and film making, yes!
I would much rather see a real story than some mindless dribble about zombies or super heroes. More please!
The show I was supposed to do today was canceled and tornadoes tore through NC, but thankfully skirted around us. We had no damage, just lots of heavy rain. There was lots of damage around us though, our thoughts are with all of those who have lost their homes and businesses. Best wishes to those in Seagrove having the Spring kiln openings. Hope you have a great day on Sunday!!!


DirtKicker Pottery said...

Just awesome that she ditched prom for a film. Cool girl :) The 5D is amazing. Have you watched Phillip Bloom's short art films that he filmed with the 5D? Totally worth checkin out.

Michèle Hastings said...

at least the show was cancelled and you didn't have to make a decision... it was certainly too dangerous to have tents up outside. we were very happy to have a steady stream of traffic through the gallery yesterday despite the weather. we love diehard pottery buyers!!!

Hollis Engley said...

I looked at the site, Tracey. Up-close, gritty, genuine combat action. Very compelling stuff, from the look of the trailer. Similar to Sebastian Junger's film in that way. Junger's film reminded me of the WW2 work of writer Ernie Pyle and cartoonist and writer Bill Mauldin. All about the people who are doing the fighting and dying, not the brass. That's a high compliment. If Gerry has a chance to go, no doubt you'd be worried the whole time. But it would be a great opportunity. I didn't know about the 5D, but it seems like a remarkable instrument for that kind of thing, especially if you're a still shooter.