Sunday, April 10, 2011

My church

What a beautiful Sunday this turned out to be. When I was a little girl my mom had me in church every chance she got. I went to Sunday school, the 11am service, I sang in the youth choir and I was president of the MYF (Methodist youth fellowship). Gerry's dad is a Baptist minister. Both of us have pretty much had our fill of church. Wesley went to a private christian school for awhile and now she leans towards Buddhism. Today, I worked in my studio most of the day, the weather was great, birds were singing, sun was shining, and I was exploding with ideas for my work. I think God will be ok with this rather than have me sitting in church yawning and watching the clock for the end of the sermon to come.
I have shows for the next three weekends and I am working like mad to have enough work. I am sort of wishing I had not applied for the show in Hillsborough and given myself a little more time, but I think it will be a nice show, it's in a great town.

I had lots of new ideas today for my show that's coming up at the NC Craft Gallery and I spent much of the day working those out, I should have been making more for this weekend's show, but I really want to have some new things for the Craft Gallery.
This was the view from where I was working. Could it get any better? Wesley was writing, Tyler napping and behind them Gerry was washing my car for me. Such a nice day..... Looking forward to a busy busy week!!


taio said...


cookingwithgas said...

WE enjoyed some good weather over the weekend and family- who could ask for more.
Your houses are coming along.
I am sure you are really digging the new space.

Judy Shreve said...

Your new space seems wonderful - love seeing all your houses lined up - great place to work - surrounded by all your loves :)

Good luck getting ready for your shows!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

I believe the Universe wants our hearts to sing and if your heart sings in your studio with your family close by, then so be it!

Prayers (and blessings) come in many forms~


Linda Starr said...

I have the same church as you, great views you have. when I was a child I used to look out the stained glass windows and dream.

cindy shake said...

You're right -what a GREAT way to spend a day :o) And a perfect view for art making.

Patricia Griffin said...

I go to the same church you do. :)

jimgottuso said...

hi tracey, the little village of houses is looking lovely. i'm in total agreement with working instead of church. seems like the new studio is enabling you to breathe a little space-wise and what an idyllic view.