Friday, May 27, 2011

Clay pick up

First of all, if you haven't read the comments on the last post, read the comment from Erin, what a wonderful thing! It just makes me believe in mankind! Erin, I was very touched by the love you had for your dog!!!
My good pal Susan and I went down to Seagrove today to pick up some clay from Takuro at Starworks. When we left, there was sun in the sky, but on the way home it poured buckets of rain. We had a tarp with us, but did we cover the clay? Noooooo..... I unloaded my clay in the pouring rain with lightening and thunder and soaked cardboard boxes. So much fun!
Look at all the clay in that bad ass pick up truck! After we left Starworks, we stopped in for lunch at the Seagrove Family Restaurant. People, if you want some amazing fried flounder, this is the place for lunch on Friday. I can't remember when I have had a better plate of fish! So good, so fresh, yum. Susan lost her good friend Alice Moffett to ALS recently, and Alice donated her pottery books to the Seagrove library. We stopped in to see the collection and the very kind librarian gave Susan some of the books that she didn't feel were in good enough condition for the shelves. What a nice gesture! If you haven't seen this collection, it's worth a trip over to the library, lots of good books there.
In the mail today, I received a package from Cindy Shake, some moose hair from Alaska! It's not every day a girl gets some moose hair in the mail :) I'm looking forward to figuring out what to do with it. I learned how to make my own brushes a while back, I could do that, or maybe some weaving for the coil pots I made..... so many possibilities, Thanks Cindy!


Anna said...

I'm so glad Erin emailed.

The Clay Chick said...

Moose hair raku?

cindy shake said...

Your welcome girlfriend! I was thinking of your shadow boxes, paint brushes or even nesting for your little birdie friends. Oooo moose hair raku -could leave really cool fire marks!

Michael Mahan said...

Thunder and lightening are sometimes great motivators to move quickly. Glad you got the clay unloaded safely.

Ron said...

Hey Tracey, I just caught up on the last 12 or so posts you made. Just wanted to let you know I'm reading even though I don't always comment. Thanks for having such a great blog!