Friday, June 3, 2011

A Day with Friends

Yesterday I took the day off and went out to Cedar Creek Gallery with my friend Barbara McKenzie to see the teapot show. Barbara has two great raku teapots in the show. Last night our friends Bob and Laura came over for dinner, we both have the same anniversary and we got together to celebrate. They just got back from New Mexico and Laura brought me this beautiful card. Laura has a great new blog, if you haven't seen it yet, check it out, it's on my blog roll, Tossing Ashes.

Cedar Creek is a bit of a trip from my house, but worth it. The grounds are so beautiful and the gallery has a lot of wonderful pottery. I'm not the biggest fan of teapots, I like a very simple shape and the teapot shows tend to be on the sculptural and dramatic side. I was most interested by some of the surface treatments, especially Ken Sedberry's. Probably my favorite was one by Doug Dotson, who makes some of the greatest pottery around here. I am a huge fan of Doug's work. Check out the show here. I took lots of pictures but their website has a great slideshow, user friendly and the photos are better than what I took.
You see this pine forest as you pull out of the parking lot, and it was quite dramatic with the sun pouring through. Reminds me of living in SC. I am super allergic to pine tree pollen and don't miss these things a bit! Luckily, I haven't lived near any since moving to NC. The temperature was much cooler when I took the dog out this morning, heading out to the studio for a full day today!


Dennis Allen said...

Great image on the card.Thanks for sharing the teapot show.I agree that many of these are sculpture(however nice) with a spout that will never see a tea leaf and for me that takes something away from them. I know one of the featured artists has admitted to not even having an opening from the body into the spout of some pots.Word verification of the day- regurp

Laura Farrow said...

thanks for the shout out, Tracey! we had a great time with you all last night. xo

Anna said...

Absolutely LOVE the image on that card.