Friday, June 24, 2011

The end of the beginning

Since so many potters read this blog I thought I would start with the end of our trip and our visit to Hatchville Pottery, staying with Dee and Hollis Engley. There are a lot of potters in Maine and I would like to have visited all of them, but I was not traveling with others that had the same desire to see potteries, so Hollis is the only one we visited. Well worth the side trip to Cape Cod though.
Dee and Hollis invited their good friends Mike and Tammy to join us for a dinner of grilled bluefish and scallops, all fresh from the sea, and a wonderful salad, just picked greens, potato salad, eggplant and squash. What a feast! Great food and great company outside on beautiful Cape Cod, such a nice way to end our vacation.

Wesley stayed upstairs in Hollis' new gallery with his 1952 Martin guitar and a sweet kitty that slept with her, (the barely visible black blob in my poorly exposed photo!)

The next morning we headed home, first stopping for coffee at the Daily Brew, they use cups they bought from Hollis so it was a treat to drink a latte from one of his cups and have breakfast with him and Dee.
I had emailed ahead and asked Hollis to pick out a mug for Gerry for a Father's Day gift, this is the one he got. So perfect with the stamped shells and green ash glaze. We stopped at his friend Mike's house on the way out and picked up some coffee to go with the mug, Mike roasts his own, and we had our first cups of fresh roasted coffee from New Guinea this morning.
Wesley picked out a tea bowl from the gallery, she said it reminded her of the ocean, and I picked out a rather large mug that I intend to use in my studio for iced tea. Nice new pieces to add to our growing collection of Hatchville Pottery!


Dennis Allen said...

I had heard Hollis was a nice guy but to leave his vintage Martin in the hands of a teenager overnight says a lot about both of them.

Tracey Broome said...

Wesley was in heaven with that guitar! She is in the process of writing a song, and I think the Martin inspired her, that and the gallery/bedroom she stayed in... she isn't like most teenagers, very old soul, that one.

Hollis Engley said...

Wesley is indeed an extraordinary young woman, Tracey. We're looking forward to going to the local art house to see her films in a few years. And that is a lovely guitar, but I should give credit to our friend Pamela, who bought it years ago in North Carolina and has loaned it to me. Besides, Wes knows way more about playing that instrument than I do. Wish I'd been able to hear her play, in fact. You guys come back any time, spend at least a few days exploring the Cape next time.

Hollis Engley said...

Also, it's kind of you not to write about what a pig pen my studio is. Thank you for that.

Tracey Broome said...

Hollis, your studio looks like you WORK in there! Not a pig pen, a creative space :) and your gallery is perfect. From the looks of the video Wes shot on our trip, she is indeed on her way to a promising film career.

ang walford said...

so nice to bring home mugs trace it makes the whole trip tangible!!

powen liu said...

It's nice to know that you are back!!