Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A moment for friends and family

Peter had a great post about the quietness of Sunday. We noticed how quiet it was in Maine. Mostly because we weren't hearing the constant mating of the cicadas anymore! But there is such a stillness there. We pulled into Booth Bay Harbor around noon on Father's Day Sunday and the church bells across the bay were chiming hymns, this one was Bringing in the Sheaves. If you live in the south you had to have heard your grandmother singing this one, I sure did, many times! It was such a peaceful and spiritual moment and I just sat there by the water listening to the quiet and the bells.
Here is a moment for my friends and family. I have been sitting with my 85 year old uncle today in the hospital who just had several heart valves replaced. I love this man so much and today he told me all kinds of stories about my ancestors. Apparently the Dailey clan came from England and landed in Bath NC. which was apparently the first town in NC. They were sailors and owned two large ships. They ran contraband for the rebels during the revolutionary war and were finally banned from the town because they would not sign an agreement with the king of England so they sailed off for parts unknown. Another ancestor was found to be the lightkeeper of the Currituck lighthouse and was the one that received the SOS call from the Titanic when it first hit the iceberg. He was the one to call the coastguard. All this time, I had no idea I had such a connection to the sea, no wonder my car just heads off in that direction and I always end up lost. Like today, I left the hospital headed home, and was an hour from Wilmington before I realized I was going the wrong way, or the right way, if you consider the pull the ocean has for me right now!
Anyway, my uncle has two small planes, he built his own airstrip on his 28 acres down east, he has a red corvette, a harley motorcycle, two sailboats that he built himself, and shows no signs of letting this heart thing stop him from using all his toys. He is such an inspiration for me!
A couple of my friends have lost loved ones this week , or their loved ones have been injured and my friend Susan just sent her 18 year old son off to India, and my uncle isn't going to live forever, so let's just take a moment to remember how precious life is and to love those we love with all we have while we have them!!!!!
Peace, ya'll


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Wonderful post, Tracey.
You are so lucky to have your uncle and record all these important histories for yourself and your daughter and maybe her children too. His attitude sounds terrific, and that is nearly everything!

Michèle Hastings said...

thank you for the reminder that i need to be a little more patient with my elderly parents... they are in their mid eighties and sometimes tire of their repetitious stories. i need to remember that i should be thankful they are still here and that our time together is winding down.

Tracey Broome said...

My uncle is an amazing man, the stories I could tell! and he has a really great attitude, nothing much gets him down. He was a fireman for 30 years and has probably saved a lot of lives. Michele, just in the past three years I have come to terms with my mom and we get along finally. It's been a rough ride with her, but I'm so happy that in her last years we can get along and talk and laugh without an argument! She tells the same stories over and over too, but you know what, I am starting to do the same thing with Wes, What is up with that!!!!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Love this post...not sure why, but the issue of time has been weighing on my mind lately too. My dad is struggling with shortness of breath...he feels vunlerable, I feel vulnerable *sigh* As you say: cherish each day we have with them.

cookingwithgas said...

how funny -I was thinking about family stories today as I was walking back from picking blackberries- good morning for picking.
I was thinking of the stories we pass down and the stories yet to come. I love when i talk with my daughter these days and she tells me stories of the baby. As a little one she would say to me why Mama you tell stories about me- no Mama no tell. And now she tells her own.
Love you Tracey!

Laura Farrow said...

beautiful post Tracey. xo

Peter said...

It would seem that we are in reflective mood all around the globe! Friends, family, special places and times. I like the sound of your uncle, a person who has not just let it all slip past but has flung his arms out and given life a real embrace! A lovely post Tracey (and thanks for mentioning my blog too).

Lori Buff said...

Tracey, you reminded me of spending time with my grandmother as she aged and her body failed her but her mind was still sharp. I listened to her stories and learned a lot of my family history and who she really was.