Saturday, July 23, 2011

Le Tour

Congratulations today to Cadell Evans! What a race he has had. Around here, in the mornings, THE TOUR is on. It is a great way to avoid the heat, just lay down on the sofa and waste away the morning watching a bike race! Pathetic isn't it? But people, it's 100 degrees every day!
Gerry is usually calling between assignments to check in with Wesley for a race update or he has to catch the replay at night when he gets home. Tomorrow is the ride into Paris and we will have the traditional Tour de France brunch, breakfast burritos and mimosas. Today I got some figs at the store and plan to have them as well, with honey drizzled over and walnuts. Gerry has been pulling for Andy Schleck, but I have to say, Evans really earned this race. Go Aussies!!!!


Sandy said...

Yeah yeah, well done Cadel! Thanks Tracy!

Hollis Engley said...

We've been on it every day, too. Evans was remarkable today.