Friday, August 26, 2011

Body Bags, seriously?!

The local news clowns are in their hyper excited storm mode and I just came in on this lead comment, "NC has ordered extra body bags"....... Seriously?
So I googled this and found the following story from AP (ironically with a photo attached that my husband shot:

Frisco Fire Chief Richard Marlin told The Associated Press that he ordered 75 body bags to supplement the town’s normal supply of 10.

I anticipate we’re going to have people floating on the streets, and I don’t want to leave them lying there,” Marlin said. If the storm maintains its current track, “the Coast Guard will either be pulling people off their roofs like in Katrina or we’ll be scraping them out of their yards.”

So far the storm has killed three people in Haiti (probably because they had no place to go, maybe?) This is a category ONE storm, I just can't imagine that there are going to be people floating in the streets. First of all, there is hardly anyone left on the Outer Banks, they evacuated. What in the HELL has happened to these crazy news people. I know I am married to someone in the news business, but trust me, he is nothing like this, in fact he has turned off the TV, can't stand this ridiculous panic these people create. In fact, I got this email from him today before I turned on the news:

" I just can't watch the tv news while I'm in the room. I saw one guy on tv doing his report, and he made it sound pretty bad where he was...then I recognized the guy and he was right outside my hotel window on the beach, and it was hardly raining, not blowing at all. His crew standing around him with lights and microphones etc....This'll be the guy later that will give me a great photo of someone getting swamped in a wave :)"

Where are Peter Jennings and Walter Cronkite when you need them! Remember the days when journalism had integrity and we sat at the breakfast table and read the newspaper? Sorry but I miss those days and it makes me sad to think where our world will be without trusted journalists and people that take what they do seriously and aren't just fighting for ratings. I even heard someone on NPR today refer to this storm as a storm of historic proportions. again, REALLY?! I do realize that a hurricane is nothing to joke about and there is some danger and I'm sure there will be lots of damage. But what will this be like when a class three or four comes in. These people are likely to explode from their excitement! When a really bad storm does come, people aren't going to trust the news, boy cried wolf and all that.

TV news makes me so sick I am seriously thinking of turning the thing off for good. Except for the fact that my husband is down there in it and I would like some clear concise and honest reporting of it.

Whew, that feels better, stay safe everyone!


Michèle Hastings said...

i read the body bags thing and thought hmmm... all i could think of was that since we were so unprepared for Katrina that we are now over compensating. i just saw that the tech schools in NH have already cancelled classes for Monday.... jumping the gun a little are they?
i truly wish for everyone to escape this storm unscathed.

M E Garde said...

I saw another hurricane photo that Gerry shot here, beautiful

Dennis Allen said...

Just saw a reporter on the beach saying the rain on his face felt like a low caliber BB gun. All BB guns shoot the same caliber projectile and it refers to size, not power.Just another overdramatazation to justify that fancy radar.

Anna said...

Right after The Earthquake the Richmond news people were being Ridicules . (Notice I capitalized that.) And later I found that alot of their information was incorrect. BAH.

Hollis Engley said...

That's TV reporting for you, Tracey. Give me print people any day.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

You are so right on! I truely believe in being prepared, but the tv news is making it very difficult to know what really is going on. My Daughter is in Norfolk, VA. I've talked to a couple times today. She said their power is out and the wind is gusting, but nothing like what the news is telling us. I'm with you.. I miss the days when you could actually believe the news reports.

Schnee said...

A lot of Gerry's photos can be found associated with this story....check the the photo slideshow here:

My vacation in Nags Head got cut short this week, so I have been scanning through all the Nags Head photos for what's happened there...

Emily J Lees said...

I thought the whole body bags thing was ridiculous. The press did pretty much the same thing in Galveston when Ike landed in 2008. They were saying that anyone who stayed was facing "certain death." Come on! And this morning my husband actually caught some cheesy computer-generated footage of a "hurricane" striking New York, since the real thing apparently wasn't sensational enough.