Thursday, September 1, 2011

My friend Corky

I went to Greensboro this week to visit my friend Corky. I have known Corky since college. He was in the photo program with Gerry and they were roommates. The three of us hung out all the time and he is still a close friend. We have had some crazy crazy times together. He has a really cool studio in Greensboro and has a business called Digital Design. He also has a great shed behind his house with a huge flat screen TV and I got to witness the game Grand Theft Auto for the first time. We never had this game because I didn't think it was appropriate material for Wesley and I still think it is a pretty foul thing for our society to offer to young people. No wonder there is so much road rage and aggressive driving, our kids are learning it right at home on their gaming systems. That said, it was a pretty fascinating thing to watch and I am curious why we as humans have this thing for violence and killing. I can't for the life of me understand why any parent would let their kid play this game. I guess it's ok for adults who can understand the difference and make informed decisions, but kids can't do that. I have to say, it was fun to watch though.....
Corky is also a master with Photoshop. He is creating these graphics and manipulating the colors and his printer puts out the most saturated images I have ever seen. They are really great, my photos here don't really show them that well, but they are so vivid. He just needs an outlet for them because he has a ton of them printed. Galleries around town say they don't take prints, so he is trying to find a home for these. Any suggestions out there?
I decided yesterday to do a Raku firing. The weather was great and I was getting backed up with bisque ware. It was a pretty good firing, lost a few and the turquoise glaze that I loved so much last year is now a thing of the past. I am tired of it's fussy ass, it's 50/50 whether it will turn out nice or not and I can't take a chance with so many shows. So I have decided to stick with white raku right now. Safe and pretty and reliable! I'll get some photos up sometime soon. Wesley is coming home tomorrow, YAY!!!!!


Anna said...

Do you only fire raku? And YAY Wesley!!

Michèle Hastings said...

those are some cool prints... unfortunately i am of no help with gallery suggestions.
i have seen grand theft auto... i agree, way too violent and i hope that no one has ever bought it for a kid (although i am sure to be wrong).
i am not a video game player but i will admit to playing mortal combat on Sega many years ago... and ashamed to say it was fun and i was pretty good at it.
enjoy your weekend with Wesley!

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Anna, no most of my work is fired to 04 and most of it is terra sig. I just add some Raku work when I'm in the mood for it. Hi Michele, yeah, I was annoyed with myself that I actually was enjoying watching the car chases. I used to be obsessed with Zelda :)

Anonymous said...

hi tracey, i'm familiar with grand theft auto and i'm with you, not sure how one is ok with a game where you kill prostitutes etc. corky's got some cool prints. i have a friend that makes big beautiful prints using photoshop and illustrator and he has similar problems getting them out where people can see them. his house is full and they are really much nicer in person than digitally. good luck with the play