Friday, September 16, 2011

NC Legislators: It's not dead yet

I sent out emails yesterday to our state legislators and what do you know, they reply to emails! Here are a few replies I got. Sadly the bill for drilling is not as dead as I thought it was. I still find it interesting when I blog about some nonsense going on in my life I get many comments, when I post about something truly important I get 1. What up with that ya'll ?!?!? Is everybody sticking their head in the sand, that by the way is going to have oil all over it one of these days!
here are some of the representatives I think I like....... I'm not going to pick on the one I don't think I like....

I don’t’ know if it is fair to say the House has dropped S 709. The House didn’t take up the veto override at its September session, but I’m expecting that it will be taken up when we come back in November.Rep. Chuck McGrady

Thanks for writing. It’s always nice to get an upbeat email. The bill is still alive. They will try again in May.

Representative Verla Insko

House District 56, Orange County

It could come up in another session, but let’s hope not.

Maggie Jeffus

It has for the moment but we're back in session on November 7 and it could be brought up then. Let's hope not.

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mom2homer said...

Oh Tracey, you know the legislature was too busy this week depriving citizens of equal rights to get around to trashing our water supply too. Next up: a constitutional amendment protecting the rights of oil and gas companies. Be sure to vote in May!

Dennis Allen said...

As long as big oil keeps the money flowing this stuff will not go away. Ohio voted down casinos a half dozen times before the economy went sour. The money flowed and the bill kept coming back like a cold sore until it finally passed last year.

Lori Buff said...

Many people don't realize it but this country is not run by the people or the elected officials (working for the people), but by the oil companies. We can make vehicles that don't run on gasoline but we don't...guess why.
Keep writing, people may not be commenting but they still may be reading then talking and writing.

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks for your comments guys! Hey Liz, how are you?! GREAT comment!!
Dennis and Lori, we all keep saying these things about big government and we all know it's wrong, WHY can't something be done, that's all I want to know.
I want to live in a world I can believe in, may not be possible, I don't know.........