Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy weekend, busy week ahead

It's been a crazy weekend, and life is getting in the way of me making work that I REALLY need to be making right now! Friday, Gerry went to Hanging Rock State Park to shoot a fall package for AP, so I went along (instead of staying home and working like I should have), but we were able to stop on the way home and have dinner with Wesley at school, which would you choose, a day in the mountains and then dinner with your kid, or clay? Tough choice, huh!
Saturday I was at the fun filled fall festival in Pittsboro, you heard about that, and then Sunday
I went to the closing show of One Flea Spare, which was great, and then we tore down the set, packed up the props and said goodbye. For some reason, I completely forgot to get photos of the set before we ripped it apart. It was really dark in the theater, so the pics would have been pretty blurry anyway.
This was the floor of the set. The set rotated during the play to show the interior or the exterior of the house, it was pretty cool.
Today Gerry and I finished enclosing the roof on my studio, it's been open at the rafters all summer, but winter isn't too far away and I would prefer to keep the cold out as much as possible. Tomorrow I got some stuff to do in Raleigh, and I'm working at the Sustainable Film Series at Fearrington tomorrow night. Wednesday is Gerry's birthday, and a local reporter has asked to come over and do a story on me for the Chatham Artists Tour,Thursday I am going with a new friend of mine to help tear down some barns and collect some old barn wood, that I am hoping to incorporate in some new work, and Friday I have to return props and I'm having lunch with my pal Laura. Guess I'm going to have to work nights this week, my days are already full and it's just Monday! How did this happen again? It seems to happen every week, my week gets full before I know it. Wish I could add some hours to the day, but unfortunately the days are going to grow shorter soon and I'll be working in the dark at 4pm!


Lori Buff said...

You're schedule sounds totally possible, you just have to give up sleeping. Good luck.

Tracey Broome said...

haha, I've done that already :)

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Yea, are we blessed for such fullness to our lives...or is it a curse?! A constant struggle for balance, don't the guru's say it should be "effortless"? hahahahaha!!!