Friday, October 28, 2011

nature's treasure

Hornet's nests, old bottles, rusted tools, seed pods, these are the things I love. All abandoned by their former owners, and left for me to find and give new life. Finding them on a golden fall day in old abandoned barns makes it even better. I have brought things like this home with me for as long as I can remember. I now have a house full of bones, shells, skulls, antlers, wood, bottles, tools, tin, if it's old and rusty, I will pick it up.
I stood in this barn yesterday on a perfect golden fall day, warm sunshine, breeze blowing with a hint that colder air was coming, and I wondered about the family that lived here and farmed here. There were fig trees, persimmon trees, peonies, queen anne's lace, deer, birds and other little things skittering in the tall grass and in the meadow, and then I wondered at the mentality of those that would bulldoze all of this to lay down pavement and build a church. I know there has got to be enough churches here in the south. You can barely drive a block without passing one. Nothing against churches, but shouldn't we be preserving some of this beautiful pasture land we have and do without a little less brick and mortar?
Some days I want to lay down and just cry at the stupidity of the human race in general. Why don't we have more appreciation for the land and our water and less love for money?
At least some of the farm will be reused in my work and I will tell the people that buy my work where this beautiful wood came from and about the day I had when I went to get it......


Hollis Engley said...

That's great wood, Tracey. And it will live again in your work. Take a look on my blog list at Pantengliopolis Blog of Phat. That's our son Marcus and his wife Anastasia. Camping and climbing. Some of that will look familiar to you from your own past. And from ours.

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Hollis, I checked out the blog and did quite a bit of reading this morning! Boy, their posts sure bring back lots of good memories. They remind me of how Gerry and I used to be before Wesley came along!