Friday, October 7, 2011


Gerry built a fire outside after dinner last night. I had been to Trader Joes and picked up some graham crackers and dark chocolate, so it was perfect timing for s'mores. We sat out by the fire, toasted marshmellows and had a fantastic dessert. Way back in another lifetime, I was a designer for a furniture company and I traveled all over the U.S. I have eaten in some of the finest restaurants our country has to offer, had my share of creme brulee, french silk pie, NY cheesecake, and one of the best displays of chocolate truffles ever at the Pyramid Room at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas Tx. But none of them compare to sitting out in your backyard on a fall evening, eating s'mores!! I learned to make these when I was a girl scout and have always loved them. If for some reason you have no idea what a s'more is, you take a gooey marshmellow, hopefully that you have toasted outside over a great fire, but Wesley and I have been known to stick them on a kabob skewer and toast them over a gas burner on the stove. Then you place the marshmellow between two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate that melts from the heat of the marshmellow and then you go, mmmmmmmmm :)
I also treated myself to these happy sunflowers. Thought my new guys would like to hang out for awhile before they find a new home. They are hanging in good company with a Joseph Sand vase I got when he worked for Mark Hewitt. It's all ashy and rustic, just the way I like a wood fired piece to be. Happy day! I am picking up Wesley at school tomorrow and she will be home for fall break for a few days, so you may nor hear from me until next week. Lets all get out and enjoy this beautiful weather before we start complaining about how cold it is! Rock on, yall :)


Linda Starr said...
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cookingwithgas said...

things that make you go yummmmm - I love a good fire and s'mores= perfect.
And the houses with the pot and sunflower = even more perfect.
Tell that child we all miss her!

Michèle Hastings said...

s'mores... now i am drooling!

Dennis Allen said...

Have a great visit with Wesley.

just jody said...

I've had s'mores on my mine lately too....along with making a trip to pick up some fresh mulled cider....yum! Fall I do love thee! The door knobs are wonderful! Enjoy having your nest full this weekend.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

I love campfires because there is usually good conversation that goes along with. I've been know to eat all the chocolate bar before the fire even gets going, so we end up with marshmallow sandwiches. Your new big door designs are fabulous!