Monday, November 21, 2011

Kudos to you bloggers!!!!!

First of all I wanted to give a big shout out to all of you that expressed your opinions here on my blog, (and emails) and had the balls to say what you thought, whether or not I agree with you, I respect you for voicing your opinion and not telling me that you were unsubscribing to my blog because you didn't agree with me! So I lost a reader, oh well. As long as I don't lose my friends I'll probably get through the day :) Anyway, those of you that I did not agree with, you at least made me think and see things from another point of view and I like that. So, kudos to all of you.

NOW! Let's move on. I'll be in Raleigh Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Carolina Designer Craftsmen show. I have lots of really nice things, the kiln I unloaded today was perfect, only one little tiny crack in a roof but it just gives it a little character. Tonight I made some small wall hangings with recycled barn wood and I used those porcelain insulators that you find on electric fences along with some house profiles. They are so awesome! I'll try to get some photos tomorrow. And I have a fun surprise to show you :)
Thanks again for having very interesting minds, you guys! I love it!!!!!!


layers said...

hello.. thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment about my trip to Japan.. I love your pottery houses.. and I hope you have a good show with lots of sales.

gz said...

just caught up with your blog. I agree with you on the pepper spray. We crticise other countries, but don't look at what is happening on our own doorstep.

The barn village looks great!

Peter said...

Hi Tracey, I only caught up on the pepper spray issue today. The photo of the police man squirting the stuff in the face of seated protesters says it all. It was absolutely inappropriate to use pepper spray in those circumstances, whatever the rights and wrongs of the protest.

The powers that are being given to police these days are really scary, as is the attitude "I'm only carrying out orders". If we see this level of brutal behavior by the police in a public place, what are they really like behind the closed doors of the interview room and the police cell!

Sorry for keeping this issue going in your blog, but I wanted to say, good for you for speaking out. I do have deep concerns for what I see happening in this country too.

Big hugs, P.

cindy shake said...

Have a GREAT SHOW! Love seeing all of your new work -especially in photos without any SNOW!! ha :) After the comment glad you still respect me in the morning! xo

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Donna, I love your blog!
Hi GZ, we invaded other countries for human rights abuse!
Hi Peter, we should all be concerned about the militant behavior of those who are sworn to protect us!
Cindy, you have a right to your own opinion, and I appreciate that you felt you could express it on my blog! xoxo just don't send me any SNOW!!!