Sunday, November 27, 2011

My bestest friends

Amy, Laura, me, Susan and Barbara! My clay pals and best buds came to see me today! I have learned so much from these women, they are always there to answer questions about anything I need help with and there cheering each other on with our individual clay paths. Susan loaned me the booth, Laura has helped with so many things, even convinced me my prices were too low, and introduced me to bourbon, yum! Barbara has been a teacher for the past five years and I know most of what I know because of her generous help, advise and willingness to share what she knows. Amy and I have raku fired together, laughed, complained and shared our love of raku. These are some of the fiercest women I know and I am very honored to be their friend!
Today was another great day. The members of the CDCG are some of the finest artists and kindest people I have ever done a show with.
Many of you know Julie Wiggins and you will hear the story of what happened to her at the show. To make it short, someone knocked over a table full of beautiful work that was a commission, the clients were there looking at the work when suspicious things happened, I won't go into it, but the work crashed to the floor and Julie lost a great deal of money, the engaged couple lost their wedding commission. It was a horrible sound, the night of our preview party and we were all sick when we heard all of that breaking pottery echo through the exposition space. The guild meeting was this morning and the tale was told. A box quickly appeared and got passed around and the guild members raised $900 to help Julie replace her losses. Such a wonderful group!
I have a new gallery that wants my work, really nice women, I'm excited. The very adorable woman that got the barn last night as an anniversary gift from her very adorable husband came by to see me today, and she was so happy, I nearly cried. This has been an amazing show for me in so many ways. I feel like my work has reached a new level, and there is so much that I want to do now, there is another level coming and I can't wait to get to work!!!

Thanks to all of you that came by with your bright smiles, joy for my work, checkbooks, credit cards (haha!). Seriously, though, I absolutely adore you and thank you with all of my heart for your kind words and purchases. It makes all the crazy months that just passed well worth it!!!!!


Dan Finnegan said...

Sorry to hear of Julie's 'incident'. Good of you folks to help her out. She was a student of mine years ago at Penland and a lovely young woman.

Dennis Allen said...

Very happy for you.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Tracey, you have worked so hard to move forward- pushing yourself and allowing yourself to go with your gut! Congratulations- keep trusting your inner guide and the blessings will continue. Your work really speaks to the heart and soul.

Sorry to hear about your friend's situation. What a supportive community you live in to rally in support of her!

Lori Buff said...

The situation in Julies booth is so sad but it feels good to know the box was passed around and filled so generously. Potters are the nicest people.

Melissa Rohrer said...

I'm glad you are getting the recognition you deserve. Seems like it was largely a matter of finding the right show for your work.
Sorry about your friend's catastrophe. That would just make me sick to hear the crash.

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks everyone. Needless to say, there were many tears over the broken pottery but I know that the generosity of the guild helped to take the edge off a bit for Julie. It was still a great show in many ways!