Friday, November 4, 2011

Raise your hand

Raise your hand if you worked in your studio today from 9am to 6pm, washed three loads of clothes, fed the dog and cat,washed a couple of sink fulls of dishes, fixed dinner, drank a beer, and collapsed on the sofa?
I did. I was going to go over to the artwalk in Raleigh tonight but I'm not even sure I can walk upstairs to take a shower right now! I threw some lanterns on the wheel today, made some more sheep that I can't keep in stock, made three barns, and rolled out a bunch of slabs for tomorrow. I am in overdrive right now to make sure I have enough for upcoming shows.
I had an email from someone today asking about firing pendants and beads. The best thing I have found is this, one of my friends actually made these for me when we did the raku workshop here. They work really well and have held up great. They are just a thick column of clay with high temp wire stuck in while the clay is still wet, Then a handle is added on top for lifting out of the kiln with tongs (I use these for raku).
I also use baskets with holes for added reduction, although I don't like this as well, the backs of the pieces can end up with dots on them. If you have a better idea let us know. I have seen the metal square contraption thing online but I can't figure out how to make it. The bead trees you can buy from ceramic supply companies don't work for raku, they don't hold up to the thermal shock. Mine are cheap and easy to make. If you have recycled clay laying around use that!
For all of those doing the artwalk tonight, best of luck, sorry I couldn't make it, I'll be in bed soon :)


June Perry said...

Not quite; but close for me. Morning chores - breakfast, house chores, paper work, studio till five, Vietnamese shrimp dinner to make and now enjoying a docu drama on the Impressionists.

Tracey Broome said...

June, we need a wife!

cookingwithgas said...

me too-me too- I want a wife 2!
or at least someone to cook and clean and maybe make pots or glaze- yep glaze.
Love that barn down below and the one below that and the one...oh heck love them all!

Tracey Broome said...

Let's all get us a wife like the ones our husbands got!!!!

Linda Starr said...
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Michèle Hastings said...

yeah, my day was was pretty much the same just substitute sangria for the beer!
as for raku firing beads - i threw a series of bottomless cylinders on the wheel, squared some of them off and put holes through them to support the wire. i bisque fire them. the last ones i made so that i could stack them on top of each other if i need to. for pendants that are only glazed on one side or with no holes because i will attach bales, i fire on a bisqued plate with a rim that i can pick up with the tongs.

cindy shake said...

I admit I was a bit worried for you when it came time for Wes to move onward and upward. Fortunately since that major new chapter's page was turned you have so been rocking the art making!! I LOVE your new blog header AND ALL OF THE NEW WORK! You are really kicking ass girl! AS always you are an inspiration. xo

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Linda, I'm not saying Gerry doesn't do anything, because he does plenty, it's just that there is soooo much to do!
Michele, I like your idea, when these wear out, I might give that a try!
Hey Cindy, thanks, yeah, when you don't have to stop what you are doing to go pick up or take kids somewhere, or go on a field trip or volunteer at school, or help with a school project, you get a lot of uninterrupted work time, plus it keeps my mind off her not being here. The fun thing is we now talk on the phone about her writing and my pottery and help each other, really a nice place to be!

Tracey Broome said...

ps Cindy: I am getting a lot of use out of the moose hair, love using it!!!

Clamworks said...

I made one of those metal raku holders out of steel "L" brackets that I found in Home Depot in the deck-making area (where the rails and posts are...I'm sure there's a "real" name for it but I have no idea!) They are steel, each side of the "L" size I bought is about 5", and has a hole about every 1 1/2" inches. Then I got a steel screw and nut and attached all the brackets through the last hole.
When I used it, I took high temp wire, threaded the the holes, and threaded on beads until it was all covered. Then made a handle from wire.
It worked, but taking the wire/beads off after firing was a PAIN! I really like your cylinder idea seems like it would be way easier.


Linda Starr said...

since Gary isn't working he has more time and even then there is a lot to do so I know what you mean Tracey, never enough time and Gerry travels so that takes a good amount of time.

Oh I need to check out Christine's suggestion for that metal rack