Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pottery doing what it's supposed to do

Feeding my daughter well while she is home for a four day weekend, she's very happy and back on track YAY! Sweet potato and curry soup in one of my new Hatchville Pottery bowls, sooooo beautiful!!!
Let's see who can name the other potters at the table, Brandon, this might be tough for you, a couple of them are NC locals :)

Thanks for all of your comments on the last post and I think we all got a great laugh from Ron Philbeck, thanks Ron, but you were spot on!
I got another email from someone that is hanging in the background on the comments but I'm going to post what she said because I really like it :

“ I make clay sculptures that are interpretive representations of the surroundings and experiences of my life.  These sculptures feature barns, shrines and things in between.  You can see my work on my blog.”

This might just be my new artist statement!
I think between this one and what Ron said, I can handle it much better now when someone asks what I do. This has been most helpful, thanks everyone!!!!!


Dennis Allen said...

I'm sticking with- "I make dishes and trade them for money. Buy Some.'

yolande clark said...

Hmmm. Hollis' bowls are indeed sublime. And you, Tracey, and your daughter, are both *very* beautiful. I love getting a chance to peek into your world. yo

Tracey Broome said...

Dennis, I need to make that my new plan, Rigmht now I get money for my work and give it to other potters:)
Yolande, thank you so much, I could say the same of you and your family!!

Lori Buff said...

Our love of pottery means we make pottery in order to buy pottery. That actually sounds like good karma to me.

woodfirer said...

Inspired by your picture I made sweet potato soup tonight - great success! Thanks!

Ron said...

Hey, I'm just catching up here.
That's a Ronan cup on the right. Maybe Kyle Carpenter on the left or could be Matt Kelleher? Not sure about the blueberrie bowl or the apple plate.