Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So proud of this kid

This is Porter Robinson. I just came across this video on youtube. He was Wesley's best friend in 7th-9th grade and then he started writing electronic dance music, they sort of grew apart and now he is traveling all over the world performing at raves and music festivals. I can't believe this kid used to eat supper at my house and now just look at him! I am so proud of what he is doing with his life and he is just 19!!!!

What was I doing when I was 19? Probably worrying about getting a tan and some new shoes haha!

Follow your passion, look where it could get you!!


Susan Wells said...

Well dang. I'm not exactly sure what this kid is doing but a whole mess of people sure like it!

Tracey Broome said...

haha! Trance music girl! He writes most of it, such a brilliant kid, he is traveling all over the world.

Paul Jessop said...

Well I got the groove and was then amazed when the camera turned on the crowd. Blimey! they really got it. he must have what it takes. great to see.

angela walford said...

bloody brilliant!!!!!