Friday, February 17, 2012

Meredith's family treasure

Meredith at Whynot Pottery gave me a few more things from her past when I visited with them last week. The absurdity of a little girl in a hula skirt standing in a barn just makes me smile.
I have found the test for these items that I am collecting is that they have to make me smile. This little chick passed the test. And so did the little cherub playing the cello.

 They are hanging out with me for awhile until I can say goodbye to them. I love them both on my kitchen table. I didn't get to spend enough time with the piece that Gerry shot with the cross on it. I sent it right out the door to Mudfire, barely making the deadline, so we didn't get to bond, and I am sad that it went away. I also realized in a previous post that I said I would never see those pieces again. Quite the optimist I suppose, I mean they could come back to me if they don't sell......
 Seems there has been quite the housing boom in blogland this week. I think I counted seven blogs with house forms and I am averaging making around 12 a week, and then there is a House and Home show at Mudfire in a couple of weeks.Who says there is a shortage of housing out there :)
These will be available at the Lark and Key gallery after next Friday, whatever they pick from them at least.
This is an image of a pathetic potter with a terrible work ethic. I woke up with every intention of getting to work on some houses today, I have them cut out, they just need to be built. But what do you think I did? Our friend Corky came over and I ended up playing Skyrim with him ALL day. Sad, isn't it? Then he left and my pal Laura showed up and she gave me a bunch of tutorials on my ipad. 
So let's see what I accomplished today: I got a horse from a dead guy and rode to Riverwood until a wolf attacked us and took a chunk out of my horse's ass, I can shoot flames from my hands, I took a potion made from spider eggs, and I have a mission to get a golden something from a dragon. I can also now use my painterly app on my ipad. Hmmmm, I would say I had a good day, considering haha!
Oh yeah, and I had a short therapy session with Laura where we discussed this compulsion I have to make perfect houses and store amusing childhood symbols in them. Sort of going down the path of: well my childhood was fucked up so I am making the perfect house and putting happy memories from other people in them. See where this is going? A therapist could buy a new car with the hours we could spend analyzing this one!
Sooooo, I will be working all weekend, paying the price for playing today, not a bad deal really!


beaquilter said...

Hey, later today or over the weekend I'm going to send you an email about a craft show we're having at Pitts. elem School, just as an FYI :-)

Tracey Broome said...

okey dokey :)

Dennis Allen said...

Have a great weekend.

Kelly said...

12 houses a week? Wow, you are a busy woman!
Have a productive weekend~

jffollies said...

They make me smile too.

Linda Starr said...
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cookingwithgas said...

Oh sassy girl seems to be whistling and saying , Hey lover boy......
She really look lively in her skirt and it shows such movement like the wind is blowing.
Like I have said before you have a gift to bring life to these objects.
Wonderful, play on!

M E Garde said...

play is work in disguise.