Friday, June 29, 2012

NC Potters

 Here are four NC Potters that were not in the Greenhill show, but went together, drank some beer, ate some good food and loved seeing all of the work of the potters that were in the show. These four should just have their own show because they are some kick ass fierce women!
Barbara McKenzie, (my mentor) me, Laura Farrow, Shannon Bueker.
 And here are two handsome and talented potters that were in the show, standing with two of the most talented artists I know. Mark Hewitt, Laura Farrow, Shannon Bueker, Ron Philbeck
 Oh Hyang Jong, I think Michael Hunt's mentor? The show was not very clearly marked as to who was the mentor/student, it was sort of confusing. If I could have afforded it, this is the piece out of everything in the show I would have purchased. It was just amazing. It had the soul of the maker and I would happily give it a home if I had lots of $$$. Just fabulous!
Our very own sometimes blogger (but coming back on the scene), Michael Kline was in the front window, and I promised him I would take some photos of the show, so this one is for you, MK. Your pieces were lovely as usual. I took lots of photos, let me see how best to present them, and I will share them when I get it all sorted. It was great to see so many potters and friends at the show. Fun to be back in Greensboro where Gerry and I lived when we first got married. Fun to catch up with people I haven't seen in awhile. It was fun to see so much pottery in one space.  What a talented group of potters and all very nice people. How can you beat that! I'll have more later. I saw lots of cameras, so I'm sure there will be lots of blogging besides mine.
Congratulations to everyone that is in the show, and well done Ronan Peterson, curator. If you weren't there tonight, it is worth a drive to Greensboro to see the show. I am going to have to go back when the space isn't filled with so many people I know. I can't remember half of what I saw, too busy talking! It was mostly fun just to spend time with my great friends and look at some wonderful pottery.
More later.......


Amy said...

the show's missing out without your pottery there. Ron is one of my former instructors. Wish Greensboro was closer; I'm needing to save $. Thanks for the post!

Tracey Broome said...

Amy, it's worth a trip!! Thanks for your kind words, but most of the work was mostly about imagery and surface decoration, and I'm just "different".

Michael Kline said...

Thank you Tracey, I'm sorry you weren't in the show and sorry I wasn't at the show. We would 'very had a blast, I'm sure!!

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Michael, there was plenty of great stuff in the show, they didn't need one more, haha! But, yes, you would have enjoyed being there, lots of nice potters and patrons having a great time. It was good to see everyone, but I know I missed seeing people, I didn't even have a chance to say hello to Ronan!
Your work was beautiful as always and displayed in the front window, so that was nice for you!! Hope you get down to see the show, it's very nice.