Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thanks everyone!!!!!! XOXO

Thank you soooo much, everyone for your very kind comments and emails today. Thanks for the encouragement and sharing your own experience with basal cell and thanks for letting me whine. My day started off sort of scary but reading your comments and just staying busy all day settled me down and I 'm fine now. Gerry and Wesley made me laugh a lot and didn't make too big a deal out of any of this. Wesley gave me a big hug, and then all was right with the world.

I'll see some of you tomorrow night in Greensboro at the reception for the By Example show that half the potters in NC are in. I will be there with three of the best artists I know around here and you will notice that none of us will have work in the show.... just saying.......

We are still contemplating the land with the duck and the pond and the fruit orchard and the grapes, the figs, the blueberries...... it seems like it wants us to own it and we are stepping closer and closer. I would like to have had that pond today to sit by and be calm and quiet for awhile. We want to grow our own food, and this is the perfect place to do just that. Maybe I could have sheep, make wool and weave....... so many possibilities, so many lifetimes to live. Life is good :)


angela walford said...

oi what the!!! you dont do anything quietly trace...hopefully your head is back in the right space today...big xx from here sweet...i'm watching a woody allen flick i think you'd like it..good for a laugh, Woody Allen: A Documentary "....hope you have brilliant wkd,

smartcat said...

That land looks perfect. So glad you are getting into a better space. Keep us posted on your progress. Communication helps! love.......*s*

cookingwithgas said...


Michèle Hastings said...

we are heading to greensboro tonight too, i hope we run into each other!

Scott Garrett said...

Late to this one Tracey... was like "whaaat??!!", but now glad to read your ok with it all. I say go buy that land, this is your flipped coin. I've also taken your advice and been drafting a new and long for me post. Just need to wait for my friendly computer at the studio to complete. I've missed posts by some of those that showed me that this clay thing was something i could and should do. As ever, your blog is the fulcrum... come on guys I've missed the blogs too!! I've seen the fb edited highlights and pictures, but i haven't heard all about the moods involved and insights. Now juicing... better get over to Tig's blog (only realised recently that i hadn't listed her and was just clicking over from your blog.. better change that!) Now go sit by that pond...oh... :)

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Ang, no not the quiet one, haha! Love Woddy Allen, don't know about this one, will have to check it out, thanks!
Hey SC and M. thanks xo to you too
Hey Michele, didn't see you, sooo many people! Sorry I missed you
Scott, thanks a bunch. I know what you mean, there were lots of blogs that helped me a lot a few years ago!I miss them. Yay a post from you!!

Michael Race said...

As to the land, you have the rest of your life to decide; but what we forget is that could be 40 years or 40 days or 40 minutes.
"There are events that divide your life into 'before' and 'after'; as we sat down to dinner we didn't realize that 'before' was already over.."
Hope to see you guys on Cape Cod this summer; if Hollis can't put you up we have two spare bedrooms!