Sunday, September 2, 2012

fall Newsletter

My fall newsletter went out today. Some of you probably receive this, if you don't and you would like to, just send me an email and I will add you to my contacts. I haven't gotten fancy enough to do the sign up for my newsletter thing, sorry!
It's still hot...... grrr......

Hi there everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful summer. We went back to Maine for vacation this year, bliss, Wesley was home from UNCSA, and in July I had an incision in my back that took longer than I had expected to stop annoying me, so it's been less than productive in my studio. I am slowly getting back to work and hope to have lots of amazing things for the upcoming fall shows. I did manage to set up a shop at Big Cartel and will continue to put some things in there as they are available. I also have some of my very best pieces for sell at Lark and Key in Charlotte, which has been a very successful gallery for me. The Collectors Gallery in Raleigh has a few pieces, as well as the NC Crafts Gallery, The Bascom and Mudfire Gallery. You can find links to these galleries and my Big Cartel shop on my blog I have also started a tumblr page and will post images there of new works as they are completed. You can find the link button to tumblr on my blog too.
It was a slow summer in the studio, but I did get out and shop at a bunch of antique stores and junk shops, looking for things to use with new pieces. Collectors also sent treasures so I have lots of new things to inspire me.
Here is the first piece from a basket of sewing implements I found. The wooden spool has such a great patina on it. I would love to know the hands that touched these items. Such honest work was done with these tools, I'm sure.
Here is what's up for fall. I have been invited to be in a show at Cedar Creek Gallery called Politically Charged. I have plenty to shout about politically, but I would prefer to keep that out of my work, so I found this wrench that has "Made in the United States of America" stamped on it and I found this donkey image, so that is the direction I think I will go. I could get a lot edgier, but my barns and houses aren't meant to be edgy just yet.
I have also been invited to participate in Festifall again this year, and I will be at the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild show and I will be on the Chatham Artists Guild Tour. Last thing for 2012 will be the Greenhill Center's winter show, which I am very honored to be a part of. I think the piece with the wooden spool will be saved for that show and I will include the little woven basket with it.
I'm off to a great start for the fall show season, so I hope to see you all sometime during this busy time of year. I am also working on several commissions right now, so if you have a special request, that is my most favorite thing to do. I have an appointment tomorrow to look at one collector's grandfather's pocket watch. How fun is that!? It is such a pleasure for me to work with family heirlooms and design a piece to honor the memories they represent. If you have some family treasure you would like to have a barn or house designed for, just let me know!
See you soon! Meanwhile, you can read about what's happening at my blog,
I post most every day if I can.
peace ya'll,

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