Thursday, September 20, 2012

My days are almost never dull

 Last night I downloaded the photos I shot yesterday and had to laugh at how full my day was without me even realizing it. My Wednesday went something like this. Gerry got up and made coffee and headed out the door to spend the day traveling with Michele Obama, I love her, wish I could have gone along! Then Alison came by to pick up her pocket watch piece, brought her friend Michele and we had a great time visiting with each other.  I had an email from Lark and Key that this egg nest barn has a new home and I got two checks in the mail from The Bascom. So the day started off nicely. I packed up my pieces for the Politically Charged show at Cedar Creek Gallery and headed up north to Creedmoor, about an hour from my house. Beautiful day, beautiful drive, BEAUTIFUL gallery. I spent a couple of hours there looking around and talking with some of the resident artists and the gallery manager. You would have a hard time finding nicer people on this planet. That place is filled with a joy for life and art like no other. I always love going up there. I took a few pottery pics, and will sort them out and post them later.

 The gardens were in full bloom and everything you look at there is eye candy.
 I love the way Cedar Creek goes out and finds really great work and supports artists from all over as well as local folks. They have all of the work labeled nicely with the artist so you get to know the person that made the work. Really, they put a lot of extra effort in selling art there. I am very honored to have been asked to be in this show.
 On the way home, I took an exit to get something to eat, and somehow took a wrong turn heading home and ended up north in Roxboro! WHA..... if you look on a map, you will know that I was a very long way from home. I pulled off the road to check out my paper map, yes I know, I am the only person alive right now without a GPS,my mom even has one! I looked up and realized I had pulled into the United Church of the Metaphysical. Well of course I did?!

 I would be very curious about these services, might be another interesting adventure! I like the sound of the spirit messages, hmmmmm..... and I love the names here of the ministers, you would just have to be a great person with names like those! So, anyway, when Gerry finished up with Michele, (that's what we call her, because she comes here a lot and Gerry is getting to spend a lot of time with her, haha! ) he called and said a friend of his from college days was playing in Asheboro and would I like to go. Sure Whynot, and that question prompted me to call my pals in Whynot, who live near Asheboro and like beer as much as I do.

We also had a friend from college that just happened to be farm sitting in Siler City, which was on the way to Asheboro, so we stopped and picked up Wade and off we went to the big doings in town. Mark and Meredith were there waiting on us, we grabbed a table and had a really nice evening with our old and our new friends. Life doesn't get much better than this! My photos from outside suck, it was so dark and I wasn't about to start using a flash :)

Jeff Brown and Gerry were in a band together in college. Jeff is just about one of the most talented guitar players you will ever meet. There are lots of reasons he is not touring with a really famous band, but he should be! It's always such a pleasure to get together with him and his partner John. We had such a nice visit with them.
The Lumina Wine And Beer bar is in downtown Asheboro. This might not seem like a big deal but it is. When we were in school in Asheboro, it was a dry town, which meant we had to drive to another town miles away to buy beer and wine. None of the restaurants served alcohol. But now they do and there are little bars popping up everywhere. Apparently the townsfolk are taking advantage of it, I saw two people fall down last night, haha! It was a pretty wasted crowd, and Gerry even mentioned some of the people there he recognized from when his band used to play at private clubs in town.
So, Wednesday was a pretty happening day and we got home around 11pm. It's so fun to spend time with people that make you laugh and make you think and seem interested in your life. I am very blessed to have so many interesting people to spend time with. Gerry and I seem to have collected quite a menagerie of friends along our journey. They are all very different and some have crazy ways, but we love them and their crazy ways, it makes the journey all the more fun! and yes, Corky, if you are reading this, we missed having you with us last night! It would have been perfect if you had been there with us, xo


Michèle Hastings said...

another talented Jeff Brown! we actually had a friend call us to say there was a Jeff Brown playing at Lumina... we would have gone but my Jeff Brown needed things at Lowe's and we had too much work to do at home. Let us know if he plays there again.
Congrats on the gallery sales, money in the mail is always nice.

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Michele, so funny that there were two talented Jeff Brown's in Asheboro last night! Wish we would have known, you could have come over and had a beer with us!

handstories said...

very full & definitely not dull...I hope that you do go listen to rev. apple some day & report back.

Tracey Broome said...

I know! I did a google search on this church and it is quite curious. I might have to grab Wesley one weekend and head up there for a visit!

Michèle Hastings said...

We were so tempted to go... but we were picking up stuff to make new tent weights for the show we are doing this weekend (we are so last minute) and had a gazillion things that needed to get done at home. Next time we are there!! said...

Wow sounds like quite an eventful day! I wonder what the Church of the Metaphysical would be like, also chaperoning Michelle Obama musnt be too bad either!

cookingwithgas said...

Tracey- you are never dull!
It was fun and we enjoyed the heck out of going, but we are light weights and were sung in bed before 11pm!

Amy said...

Ok you are the next one I'll visit when I am in chapel hill. Am in CLT again- great gallery Lark & Key is!

Susan Wells said...

Love those pics of the church! And really never get a GPS cause they are the DEVIL. SIN. They make you loose your own compass. How do you think the ancients made it across the oceans with out running around in circles? Well I think it had something to do with HORUS. Cause he tells me where to go all the time. He sits next to me in the car looking all hot and manly. And besides, if your feeling nervous you can look at the DAMN PAPER. Yeah.